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One minute cure: diluted food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 01.17.2010

The "one minute cure" is being advertised widely as "a Simple Formula that Has Been Scientifically Proven to Cure Cancer and Virtually All Diseases". The kicker is that these companies want you to plunk down $39 to buy a book and learn this simple cure, which has been around since at least 1989. See the list of claims from this site that is trying to sell you the book here: See the same book at Amazon for $20: here

Many doctors will give this to you intraveneously. The idea behind this is simply that the reasons we get nearly all diseases is that we are not oxygenated enough. The claims are that we can reverse nearly all diseases by just taking a few drops of diluted "food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide" in 6-12 oz of water.

Claims that it kills cancer cells:
It has been said that it is clinically demonstrated that the spread or metastatis of cancer is directly proportional to the amount of oxygen around the cancer cells. The more oxygen, the slower the cancer spreads. The less oxygen, the faster the cancer spreads. If cancer cells get enough oxygen, they will die (cancer cells are anaerobic). Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) provides extra oxygen atoms that not only slow down the spread of cancer, but also kills cancer cells.

STOP! Some doctors think even food grade hydrogen peroxide should not be taken internally. See this article: . So if you do, maybe you'll want to cut the below amount in the recipe in half.

Good reason to try small amounts (3 drops diluted in 6-8 oz of water):
The greatest concern with use is the powerful oxidation which results in the explosive liberation of the extra oxygen molecule. This effect can be safely managed by varying the H2O2 concentration in any solution used. However, not everyone is in agreement that hydrogen peroxide therapy is safe, even when the H2O2 is used small amounts, when used orally. Opponents of hydrogen peroxide therapy claim that usage results in organ and tissue damage. They believe that using H2O2 increases any and all conditions associated with free radicals in the body. The 35% solution MUST always be diluted when used internally. Three drops of H2O2 per six to eight ounces of water is starting point that is often suggested, although our approach is far more conservative. Reference: WARNING:
I can't stress enough that if you try this, make sure it isn't hydrogen peroxide you buy off the counter at any pharmacy - that could kill you as it has added metals & toxins. It has to be "food grade hydrogen peroxide". and it HAS TO be well diluted. Just a few drops (use a good dropper tool) in at least 7-11 oz of water daily.

This doctor's report says: I would not put the drops of hydrogen peroxide in anything but highly distilled water (grocery store distilled tap water is not acceptable, either get double distilled tap water or distilled natural water). The reason is that other chemicals in water may cause a chemical reaction that prematurely strips the extra oxygen atom from the hydrogen peroxide atoms.

35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide: This is used in the production of foods like cheese, eggs, and whey-containing products. It is also sprayed on the foil lining of aseptic packages containing fruit juices and milk products. THIS IS THE ONLY GRADE RECOMMENDED FOR INTERNAL USE...

Those who do advise to take H2O2 internally advise: "Take on an empty stomach (otherwise the oxygen will react with the food in your stomach), one hour before a meal or at least 3 hours after a meal."

I found all the below information on the internet. I've noted that the cancer-treatment mixture/recipe is very different (including diluting in 12 oz of water) at this site:

uSE: food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide
It must be diluted of course and you start out with 3 drops, in 6-8 oz of water, 3 times per day...

you go up a drop per day until you're on day 23 with 25 drops in water 3 times per day then you go back down one drop per serving each day until you're back to 3 drops per glass of water 3 times per day and that's your maintenance quantity. For anyone wanting to try this, DO NOT EVER USE UNDILUTED 35% H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide), and keep it out of reach of children. Keep the unused portion in the freezer, put some in a glass bottle with a dropper in the refrigerator and refill as necessary.

Reference for this above recipe/mixture unverified, because it was found in an anonymous message board post: here . Can anyone who has read the book confirm this recipe?

Hydrogen Peroxide was first reported by the French chemist Louis- Jacques Thenard in 1818, who named it eau oxygenee..."

"gOOGLE" Dr.Edward C. Rosenow

This article was provided by:
The Arthritis Trust of America

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy:
Supplement to The Art of Getting Well

"Medical data is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your family physician, or one of our referral physicians prior to treatment" - The Arthritis Trust of America.

Sources are given in references.

Authors of contributions\quotations are alphabetically arranged; major author, if any, is underlined.

Charles Farr, M.D., Ph.D., William Campbell Douglass, M.D., Walter O. Grotz, Dr. Edward Rosenow /Responsible editor/writer Anthony di Fabio.

Copyright 1992

All rights reserved by The Roger Wyburn-Mason and Jack M. Blount Foundation for the Eradication of Rheumatoid Disease

AKA The Arthritis Trust of America,
7111 Sweetgum Road, Suite A, Fairview, TN 37062-9384

I must report on this promising therapy, as so many physicians and patients have given me good tidings from its use. What is probably not so well known by the general public, and many practicing physicians, is that hydrogen peroxide has been used for more than a century, the abstracts of articles published from 1966 through 1988 alone reaches 2" high when printed on 8-1/2"X11" paper.

A number of clinics in the United States and Mexico use hydrogen peroxide therapy, as well as other treatment modalities, on a routine basis, usually given by intravenous injection (IV).

Before scoffing, keep in mind that one of the very first lines of defense against any and all microorganisms recognized as invaders by our immunological system are macrophages and leucocytes, one of which uses hydrogen peroxide to oxidize the foreigners; and that vitamin C is effective principally by its ability to promote hydrogen peroxide use against foreign invaders, including parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast/fungus; and that all body tissues contain catalase and that hydrogen peroxide in the presence of catalase is reduced to oxygen and water. So, there is strong reason to believe that added hydrogen peroxide, used properly, may be both effective against certain organisms and safe.

Hydrogen peroxide is an essential metabolite, meaning that it is necessary to life's process, according to William Campbell Douglass, M.D. of Georgia.

As we age, our immunological system weakens, which permits organisms of opportunity to spread, thereby breeding colonies of organisms whose presence is anathema to good health. Killing these organisms should permit at least temporary respite from microbial warfare, and give your system time to heal.

According to William Campbell Douglass, M.D., not only is H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) involved in phagocytosis (killing and absorption of foreign germs), but also "it acts like insulin in that it aids the transport of sugar through the body." Is is also at least as important, or perhaps more so, than thyroid for heat generation because it creates "intraceullar thermogenesis, a warming of your cells which is absolutely essential to life's processes."

Various physicians, including some of our referral physicians, also use hydrogen peroxide therapy for various ailments. Physicians have independently discovered such treatments to be effective against some types of cancer, leukemia, arthritis, coronary heart disease, arterial circulation disorders, colitis, gum diseases, and assorted children's diseases.

The First International Conference of Bio-oxidative Medicine was held February 17-19, 1989 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. Physicians presented papers on the efficacy and safety of hydrogen peroxide infusions. Since that date the non-profit International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation1 has grown rapidly, attracting many physicians who have also presented many scholarly works based on their work with patients.

While Chelation Therapy is an extremely useful treatment and preventive measure for at least 80% of peripheral circulation problems, it apparently cannot clean out hardened plaque in arteries, like the large heart arteries and the aorta3.

According to Douglas, the Baylor University Medical Center may "have gone a long way toward proving that H2O2 dripped into the leg and carotid vessels of patients known to have severe arteriosclerosis will clear those arteries of disease. When these patients died, autopsies were done to compare arteries that had been treated with H2O2 with those not treated. They reported: `The elution [separation] of lipids from the arterial wall by dilute hydrogen peroxide has been accomplished. . . .' In simple English that means the plaque buildup was removed by injecting H2O2 into the blood vessels. . . . That was over 20 years ago2."

Finish reading this article here:


Books on this subject at Amazon: here

Chelation therapy

Where to find food grade hydrogen peroxide - Google search: here

Read about Hydrogen Peroxide as a cancer treatment: here

Read: Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2O2 ) Therapy:
One of the greatest benefits of using Hydrogen Peroxide for therapy is that it falls in the natural treatments category. H2O2 breaks down as H2O ( water ) + O-, completely nontoxic. Hydrogen Peroxide is not a foreign agent introduced into the body. In fact, H2O2 is produced within the body in cellular and other key metabolic reactions.


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