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The Anabaptist story (baptism)

posted by yochanan E-mail, 10.24.2006

Is anyone else aware of the Anabaptist story, from the early 1500's? I have
told Tarek about Muhammad's desire to see his victims tortured. What many
do not know is that our good Christian brethren, the Anabaptists were
tortured on their way to their executions. And, in the Middle Ages (better
called the Dark Ages), the victims of the Inquisition were also tortured.
In this country, the Amish are descendents of the Anabaptist movement.

Pauline Christians ( evangelicals and other protestants) tend to focus on certain interpretations of Paul (in some ways twisting what Paul said). Anabaptists focus on the teachings of what Yeshua said, and FOLLOWING him disciple) and study the word of G-d from this perspective (types and shadows).

Most evangelicals are more Calvinistic (from English Baptists)and believe salvation to be by faith alone. This is a faulty view to Anabaptists, because they view saved as THE WAY, or a way of life in the evil age they live in. They are not part of this age, or Kingdom, they are part of another age or Kingdom (the age to come).

There are other views which Anabaptists held which are differing from the CHURCH (some were non-trinitarians as an example).

In Yeshua


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