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Stem Cell cures (Health)

posted by MissyMarbles1990(R), 08.14.2009

Hi again,
So I have another question (cus it's nice being somewhere I can ask without being scared of people thinking I'm being doubting or anything.)

I heard that stem cell are going to be used for making cures to diseases like diabetes and things like that and maybe they can make vaccines for them, too.

How will we know which cures and vaccines come from stem cell research?
Even if we are really sick, or someone we love is really sick, should we still say no to these cures and vaccines because they were made from stem cells? Or is it ok to use them if it doesn't mean having real stem cells from babies/embryos injected into you? Like what if the research to find the cures used stem cells, but the cures themselves don't?
What happens if you do?


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