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Drinking coffee might actually be good for you (Health)

posted by bibleprobe1(R), 05.11.2009

I've drunk probably 4-5 cups of BLACK coffee a day for over 45 years.

A few years ago I started mixing less than 1/4 caffeinated to over 3/4 decaffeinated - and find I don't miss the caffein. Right now, a full caffeinated cup of coffee would "blow me away". Caffein is a drug after all which can build up to give you the "jitters" by the end of the day, which can't be good for your heart. Caffein is most certainly something you are better off reducing. I think any health benefits is without much caffein, and definetely without sugar and cream/milk. Without sugar and cream there is very few, if any calories. With them -- you are just piling on needless calories. Been there/done that. It takes just 3-4 days to switch to all black, cutting out sugar and cream.

What/where do you teach Steve?


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