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Why we need to put seeds back in bread - kill cancer cells (Health)

posted by Bob Idaho, 01.03.2009

I'm not sure which seeds you are talking about but it sounds like a good idea.

I grind my own wheat and that puts silica back into our flour. Silica stops heart and vascular problems and is missing from flour off the shelf.

I have found hard red winter to be the least tasty wheat but comprises 90% of all wheat sold .. for several reasons .. mostly commercial.

I use half regular flour and half soft spring and make my final roll in hard spring for a superior crust.

Just how much silica is in wheat? Try baling it. In ten years of heavy wheat straw baling .. small bales or ton .. it will pretty well eat up a steel baler.
Want a good fine sand paper .. use straw or joint grass which grows here on our ditch banks (irrigating) and is used by violin makers to put the finishing touch on fine instruments.

I started using herbs in doctoring horses five years ago when a neighbor who sells herbs came over and cured a mare with founder in two applications. Usually, it takes a year if one is lucky. Since then I used it on a kicked cow dog and had her eye clear up within twelve hours and then I started using it one night with the Hong Kong flu. I had gone through a box of tissue during the day and took half a tsp. of Echinacea in tea. Woke up the next morning after a restful sleep and was completely cured.

I think herbs are another way to prove creation. Human and animal receptor sites are a perfect "match" for herbs and not Pharmisudicals.


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