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Health Secrets. Why you NEED olive oil.... (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 11.26.2008

Health Secrets. Why you NEED olive oil.... 2008 Harvest.

Here's my health tip to my friends.

5 Reasons Why Olive Oil is the Ultimate Healthy Fat

Whether in Rome or at home, do as the Romans do: Make olive oil a staple. If you already eat the Mediterranean way, you know that the oil not only tastes good but that it is good for you. It's an amazing source of antioxidants, capable of dousing inflammation, defending cells from menacing molecules, and more. Here's the latest on this superhero food.

The olive tree becomes fruitful when it is six years old, but the older it gets the more fruitful it is.

Olive trees tend to be more fruitful every other year. Most often, all trees in a grove, or in a certain area tend to be fruitful in the same year.
Reference: Jerusalem Post

Olive oil's cancer-preventing powers are lab legends. Which substances get the credit? Polyphenols, for one -- these potent plant antioxidants protect against cancer-causing cell damage. But it also looks like the oil's monounsaturated fat has anti-cancer effects, which means olive oil packs quite a one-two punch! Some people-proof: Check the lower rates of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer among Southern Europeans -- whose diets flow with olive oil -- compared to their northern neighbors.

There's virtually nothing better than the big "double O" when it comes to your heart. Olive oil ups good HDL cholesterol, lowers bad LDL, and reduces other harmful blood fats (triglycerides). And that's not all. It also reduces inflammation, another contributor to cardiovascular disease.

Speaking of your heart, how's your blood pressure? If it's not below 120/80, you need to get it there. And yes, olive oil plays a role. It can help enough to reduce the need for daily meds. Those potent polyphenols appear to dilate arteries, which brings blood pressure down. (Always choose extra-virgin olive oil, by the way -- its minimal processing preserves the maximum number of antioxidants and heat-sensitive vitamins.)

"Great taste, less filling" -- that light beer slogan rings true for olive oil. While ounce for ounce, all oils have the same calories, olive oil has a fuller flavor so less is needed for tantalizing taste. Plus research shows that overweight people who eat a diet with some fat -- including olive oil -- are more likely to shed pounds than those who slash fat. Why? Oil's rich flavor makes it easier to stick with the program.

If you're prone to headaches and wary of overdoing ibuprofen, try routinely dressing your salad or crisp-tender veggies in extra-virgin olive oil. It contains oleocanthal, a natural compound that, like ibuprofen, blocks pain-producing and inflammatory substances -- but without the risk of stomach upset. While daily oleocanthal doses aren't the painkiller's complete equal, they could lower your risk for heart disease, cancer, arthritis and possibly Alzheimer's. Quite a trade-off.

Above Reference:

Don't buy Olive Oil in clear glass bottles. Light is not good for olive oil. The fresher olive oil is, the better it is. Older olive oil can get nasty tasting. Store olive oil away from heat, in a cool (not cold) place. Just don't store it in that cabinet above the stove...

I prefer Italian olive oil myself. Many people think that Olive oils from the Tuscany region of Italy are the best. Other people may like Spanish, Israeli or Greek olive oils. Italian olives, when picked green, tend to be peppery, while Spanish varietals are more mellow in taste. I think it all depends on the year. Napa Valley in California is now producing some good olive oils also. But personally, I do like Tuscan olive oils, and most others that are Certified, from the Central areas of Italy - all the way downwards to Sicily.

Olives are harvested in the fall (October). The best are those that have been processed (simply crushed, metal filter and bottled) within 24 hours of picking. Extra Virgin is what you want. Like Germany's beer "purity" laws, Italy has laws to stem the urge many olive oil growers have for diluting their oils with less expensive oils, including non-olive oils. This is not just a small problem in Italy. Olives have also been imported into Italy from Spain, Turkey or Tunisia and have been made into oil with an Italian label. Its good to be aware that Italy is the second biggest exporter of olive oil, just behind Spain but it grows a fraction of the olives that Spain does. Italy is the biggest importer of olive oil. So you can see, that at the very least some sort of purity Certification like Colavita's CERMET is necessary at a minimum. Some estimates indicate 40 per cent of olive oil found on British and US supermarket shelves has been adulterated or is not what it seems. The figures for other countries importing large quantities of olive oil are thought to be similar.

In October 2007, Agroprofesional reported that the Italian government approved a law requiring bottles and cans of olive oil to state the exact origin of the olives used to make their contents. Intended to protect and promote olive oil of Italian origin within the national market itself following widespread complaints about the practices of bottlers, this legislation may prove unenforceable, legislation on labelling being solely the competence of European Union. The article states that the backers of this provision are fully aware of this and hope that it will serve to pressure the EU into modifying its stand on the issue. But to give you an example of how important it is to buy only Certified Olive oils, read about this scandal called the the colza oil scandal. Mixin other oild with olive oil is believed to have killed 346 people in Spain. Read: "Drugs, Prostitution and Olive Oil"

Personally, how I use my olive oil is I try to keep from cooking it. My main diet is pasta. All sorts of pasta. I'll sprinkle olive oil on pasta (after cooking) and salads. Try putting a little in mashed potatoes with a chopped up clove or two of garlic. Garlic is a cholesterol buster also. Potatoes and banannas are a good source of potassium, so I add these infrequently to my diet also.

LAST YEAR I found a place that has excellent 2007 Italian Olive oils in metal decanters - which are very nice, and are very suitable as gifts. Last week I ordered 2 of these large 25.4 decorative gold tin cans of Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Item: GFEL16). They arrived in about 6 days. So today, I ordered 4 more.

Right now I'm searching to see who will be the first to release this year's (2008) Extra Virgin Italian, Israeli or Spanish Olive Oil...

I bought mine here:

Red wine, garlic & olive oil. A healthy combination... Jefferson once wrote: "The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven".

Colavita oil is certified...
1. CERMET - Certified Authentic
The Italian government, through the CERMET organization, granted Colavita the much-coveted ability to declare their extra virgin olive oil as a "Certified Authentic Product of Italy." This special seal and declaration assures consumers that Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively from Italian olives and olive oils. The endorsement of CERMET is prized as the agency is regarded for its independence, transparency, credibility, and multidisciplinary merit when judging whether or not to grant certification.

*Il Tratturello olive oil also comes from the Molise region...

Where Colvita olives are grown (Molise region):

Related articles:

The Olive in the Jewish and Israeli culture
The amazing olive tree can reach the age of 2,000, regenerate after fire, and produce oil for cooking, lighting, and even anointing kings.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Great to Taste, Easy to Fake
Fraud remains rife in the olive-oil industry despite some attempts at stricter enforcement from the Italian government, reports Tom Mueller in the New Yorker. The prestige of extra-virgin oil comes from strict production requirements that separate it from less flavorful olive oils. Yet extra-virgin oil is also easy to fake, either by combining some extra-virgin oil with another oil, adding colorings to it or simply mislabeling its origin.

Those practices are especially common in Italy, the world�s leading importer, consumer and processor of olive oil, says Mr. Mueller. The country�s agriculture minister, Paolo De Castro, tells Mr. Mueller that the fraud is being curbed thanks to the government�s quality-control measures, backed by the strong arm of the Carabinieri, Italy�s paramilitary police force. In April, Italy�s agriculture minister announced that 205 olive-oil producers out of 757 his ministry investigated were guilty of adulterating and falsely labeling their olive oil, along with other infractions. The adjudications of the cases are still years away, says Mr. Mueller.

Chemical tests can catch unsophisticated olive-oil scams, such as the one in 2005 when the Italian government confiscated about 26,000 gallons of fake olive oil worth $8 million. A criminal ring operating across Italy had allegedly colored canola oil with chlorophyll, added flavoring and sold it in northern Italy and Germany.

Read this entire article at the Wall St Journal,



June 15, 2011: Olive oil may protect against strokes - Participants had follow-up exams at 2, 4, and six years and stroke incidents were recorded and verified. 148 stokes occurred after slightly more than five years. Compared to those who didn’t use olive oil, people who had “intensive use” of olive oil had a 41% lower risk for stroke.

New Potential Health Benefit Of Olive Oil For Peptic Ulcer Disease

Olive Oil Seems To Protect Against Bowel Cancer

Olive Oil: Which Type Is Best?

Phenolic Compounds May Explain Mediterranean Diet Benefits

Red wine health

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Blueberries 'reverse memory loss'

Drug Companies Don't want you to know this - but:

Do like the Japanese do, and start using flour containing the fiber made from the konjac mannan plant aka: glucomannan It could just cure your diabetes and help you loose weight and lower your blood pressure. Glucomannan is a soluble fiber from the konjac mannan plant that forms a soft gel when mixed with water. The kojac mannan plant grows in the Far East and in Southeast Asia.

Imagine - no more insulin shots. Some studies have shown it can and does do all this. Its fiber can control blood sugar by blocking sugar and and carbohydrate absorption. As a substitute for high carbohydrate pasta and rice, try noodles made from te konjac mannan plant. Shelf life on the noodles is 6 months. See here

An extract from the GRAVIOLA TREE which grows deep in the Amazon rainforest and on some and some of the Caribbean islands has proven to beat Cancer. It shows the amazing ability to quickly swoop in and target and kill just Cancer cells. And it leaves healthy cells alone. The Graviola Tree is a small evergreen tree. The Graviola tree (Annona muricata), is also known as soursop.


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