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Burning incense may spark respiratory cancers (Health)

posted by Bunkster(R), 08.25.2008

I wonder if burning candles, potpourri, air freshners, or cedar wood have the same effect. I burn scented candles in my house a lot especially in the fall and winter when the house is closed up due to cold weather. I also put a cedar log on the fire sometimes during those times to give it that christmasy ambiance as well as cinnamon potpourri. People always compliment that my house always smells so good even in the summer..... I think pretty scents are relaxing, relieves stress.....

I don't do 'incense' just candles, popourri, ventilation airfreshers (the kind that go on furnace air filters) and those glade plug in airfreshners. I'm meticulous when it comes to a clean nice smellin house.... :-)

Well I did it again Bibleprobey........:-(

I'm down in my back again. This time tried to lift a heavy 80 lb laminator out from a corner of a wall at work, so I could get behind it to fix it because it was jammed. Thought I was smart, and tried lifting the thing by myself, in high heels mind you. Even used my legs-- bending at the knees... Well I didn't do so hot. Probably would have done better if I didn't have heels on. Anyhoo, back hurts like hell. I'm off for atleast a week because of it. I can barely walk. Dr wants me in a chair or bed with a hot and cold pack, and resting... after I get a little better I have to go into therapy to do exercises to build up my back muscles.

"Sometimes when you feel little, useless, beaten down and depressed; always remember that you were once the fastest and the most victorious sperm in your group"


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