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Trace arsenic in water may be linked with diabetes (Health)

posted by bibleprobe1(R), 08.19.2008

Trace arsenic in water may be linked with diabetes

By Mary Brophy Marcus, USA TODAY
A new study adds to arsenic's notoriety as a cancer-causer and favored murder mystery poison, suggesting it also plays a role in diabetes.
In today's Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers report that exposure to low levels of inorganic arsenic an industrial pollutant that is also found naturally in rocks and soil in drinking water may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

HEALTH BLOG: Rounding up the latest diabetes studies

For years, it's been known that arsenic is linked to cancer. At high levels of exposure it is also connected to cardiovascular health and diabetes, but that evidence comes from regions where arsenic levels in drinking water and the environment are very high, says study author Ana Navas-Acien, an assistant professor of environmental health science at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who ticks off highly contaminated regions, including Bangladesh, Taiwan, Inner Mongolia and Chile.

"We learned in this study that being exposed to low and moderate levels of inorganic arsenic, found in certain areas of the United States, may increase the risk of diabetes," Navas-Acien says.

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