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Same argument as Christmas... (general)

posted by Lacy(R), WA, 03.17.2008

I think this is very similar to the argument regarding Christmas. Christ was not born on Christmas day... it was a holiday pagans had and kind of meshed together. (Bells, trees, and many other symbols used at Christmas were used in Pagan celebrations).

I guess at sometime the dates changed due to whatever at the time, but the facts remain the same. Jesus was born... and he did die and rise again... the world have contorted the facts a bit, but we as believers know the truth. And those may be the dates the world gives us, but we get what we can take! They may try to hide the meaning by adding bunnies and eggs (also Pagan), but we can shout out about our Lord just as loudly. That's what we are given, and rather than ignore it, let's just use that day for God's glory, honor and praise!

I'm turning the whole egg thing around at our Christian Childacare... our theme is "We were once lost, but now we're found". So we're turning the worlds idea of Easter, into our own celebration and truth behind the story of Easter. The kids can still have fun and do their egg hunt and such, but they ultimately know the truth of what happened that very important day.

That's my whole stance on it anyways, not all agree. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. I know someone that doesn't celebrate Christmas because of the Pagan aspect of it. But because he chooses to do that, he is silencing the truth all together. He does not observe the birth of Jesus any day... just because that isn't that actual day. But which is worse? To not celebrate any day... or to celebrate the facts on a day they it may not have happened? As mentioned... we should take what the world gives us and glorify God!

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