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abrook8: 70 weeks of the Daniel Prophecy is different. (prophecies)

posted by lawaine, 01.31.2008

I've always been a Rapture/7 Year Tribulation believer. I do find a lot of the Ellis Skoffield argument complelling. Similar lines were explored by Isaac Newton. I am curious as to the thought process however of some of the math. I concur that the Jews use a 30 day month. Skoffield equates that to a 360 day year which isn't exactly correct. The Jewish Calendar uses a complex series of leap months in which certain years have 13 months. This is necessary to keep the seasons in place. The months would have walked around the calendar over time and the seasons and festivals would be out of sync.

I see no where in Skoffield's work where he corrects for these leap months in the Jewish Calendar.



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