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abrook8: 70 weeks of the Daniel Prophecy is different. (prophecies)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 01.15.2008

What does Daniels 70 week prophecy have to do with the "abomination of desolation" prophecy?

The 70th weeks of Daniel Delusion - A prophecy that Jesus already fulfilled.

We at Bible Probe believe that the 70 weeks of the Daniel Prophecy have nothing to do with tribulation and the antichrist. There is no text in the Bible that teaches a 7-year tribulation. Daniel 9:27 speaks of nothing to do with an antichrist, a rebuilt Jewish Temple, or even tribulation. Nothing! That's because it is all about Jesus Christ, the Messiah AND the Jewish people. And it does not speak of an Antichrist making or breaking a covenant. It speaks of Jesus Christ confirming the covenant or "the promises made to the fathers (see Romans 15:8 and Galatians 3:17). Jesus said, this is My blood of the new covenant. During His 3.5 years of ministry Jesus was Himself focused on saving "the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Matthew 10:6).

This accounts for what we (Gentiles) often think strange --that is that the Lord was adamant in His saying basically ---His work was with/for the Jews who were treating him badly, and not for Non-Jews.

Daniel 9:27 says; "He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease".

We believe that many (especially Evangelicals) have wrongfully applied this somehow to the coming Antichrist, when in reality, Daniel is speaking of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This misinterpretation goes back to erroneous teachings of the Christian Church about the end times --back at least 300 years.

Read about Daniels 70 week prophecy: here

Regarding the abomination of desolation you don't think is the pagan Muslim Dome ofthe Rock:

Explain how the 2nd number can fall exactly on the year the devil Muhammad died (632 AD). Figure the odds of someone writing in about 550 BC to come up with both the years 1948 AD and 632 AD via this prophecy...

Daniel gave 2 numbers in that prophecy. The 2nd number 1335 - is the "double check," or CHECKSUM number: Subtract this figure from 1948 when Israel was reborn after 2500 years and then multiply it by .9857 and you get another significant year for the Jews, Christians and all of western civilization. This figure plops exactly onto the year the false prophet, Muhammad of Islam died, and was lowered into a grave in Medina.

A little after midday of 8 June, 632 AD, the 62 year old Muhammad died in the house of his wife A'isha. Muslim historians back to the early 800's A.D. tell us that Muhammad consummated his marriage with A'isha when she was only 9 - when he was in his 50's. See the Muslim references for this: here


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