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Eat more onions, carry breath mints (Health)

posted by Bunkster(R), 12.28.2007
(edited by Bunkster on 12.28.2007)

Since January 1st seems to be everyone's official date to start getting healthy, I thought I would add something to this forum on health.
I just read the amazing health benefits of onions. Yep ONIONS! They help reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol, boost good (HDL) cholesterol, and help lower blood pressure. :O So those of you who hate onions, ya might want to change your tune. Just make sure you carry some tic-tacs' ;-)

Many blessings for a new you!
I hope 2008' is a great year for everyone!


"Sometimes when you feel little, useless, beaten down and depressed; always remember that you were once the fastest and the most victorious sperm in your group"


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