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Problem of foreign funding of Muslim mosques (Islam Danger)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 08.22.2007

Consider the Dark Side:
It's foreign money and powers changing the "landscape" and VALUES of America, with their "petro dollars". It's a "sneak attack" on America and also Europe. They are hell bent on spreading the hatred and its byproduct of misery, preached by the "Prophet of Doom" aka Muhammad.

Here is how it works. We pay ultra high prices for gas to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. The Saudis and others turn that money around and write checks to build huge pagan mosques in our cities. It's nothing more than a grand scheme by Satan to paganize the world.

Once planted, a mosque gives a good excuse to allow more Muslim immigrants, including those half crazed Muslim clerics, like the jailed Muslim Egyptian "blind sheikh", Omar Abdel-Rahman (serving a life sentence for Seditious Conspiracy), and other crazy violent immams. It gives them a "foothold" from which they go about changing our Laws, societies and undermining our freedom by working to impose Sharia Law. To date, there are over 2,000 mosques in the United States of America alone. The US Government has allowed the number of mosques in America to grow by over 25 percent in the past five years.

Only five years after 9/11, Muslims are pouring into the country in "surprising numbers." Nearly 96,000 Muslims became legal permanent US residents in 2006 the most in two decades. This only counts legal immigrants many more are taking advantage of our government's unconscionable refusal to stem illegal immigration. As the Slimes coyly notes, many Muslims come in "as students and tourists who sometimes overstay their welcome." Others stroll across the border from Mexico.

Muslim immigration to America has been significant since the 1960s, when quotas favoring culturally compatible Eastern Europeans were found to be too sensible to be politically correct. Now that Islam has found the West's Achilles' heel after 1,500 years of struggle i.e., that due to moonbattery we will not defend ourselves from conquest by immigration they can be expected to inundate our country in ever greater numbers, as they have done so successfully in Europe, providing themselves not only with a fifth-column political power base, but with a base from which to recruit terrorists and launch terrorist operations.

Video clip of Hatred being preached by Muslims at the Moderate Mosque

Read the following post by a Muslim, about the mischief, and also the hatred preached at mosques on Fridays; even in the USA:

Submitted by Jamal K., Feb 5, 2003 at 13:20

I have been going to mosques in U.S.A. since 1966 for friday prayers (until I stopped going last year). I always found the preachers to be anti west/USA and preaching hatred towards non-muslims and USA. I have heard them discouraging people from even participating in the voting process because they say it is an infidel govrnment and interacting with them is a sin. Needless to say that voting turnout among religious muslims ( generally bearded/hijabbed) in this country is extremely low whereas the same people turn up in very large numbers in muslim countries ( few where democracy is practised). With this mindset of the mosque leaders it is not surprising that mosques become hotbed for the muslim terrorists for fundraising and recruitment. They make rebels out of the young muslims who go there. You can see their influence by the increasing number of youth growing beards and wearing hijabs, many even volunteering to fight jihads in far off lands like the American Taliban Walker . It is high time that government look into these nests of anti- americanism right under our noses called mosques which are often funded by arab money and always indirectly funded by U.S. government through tax free status. Reference: here

So long as the US Government keeps allowing in such huge numbers of pagan Muslims, I for one am of the opinion, we just may need the illegal Mexican immigrants to offset this pagan invasion. At least most illegal Mexicans are Christian.

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