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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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Our Lord is the Bread of Life (bibles-scripture)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 08.04.2007

That reminds me of a real appearance of the radiant Lord to a Muslim theologian in Iran, not all that long ago...The Lord appeared before this old Iranian man and said; I am the Bread of Life....kneel before me....

A good man

My father was a tall, big boned man with gray hair. He was sweet and kind, yet a very serious man who seldom joked. When he did joke, they were funny and made everyone laugh. He took his responsibility of providing for the family seriously and his giving spirit prompted him to frequently bless us with extravagant gifts. Until I confessed Jesus as my Savior, it was my conviction that he was the most loving father that anyone could have.

A Fanatical Fundamentalist Muslim
Though he had a gentle demeanor, there is no escaping the fact that he was also a fanatical, fundamentalist Muslim. Islam was the priority of my fathers life. The most prominent piece of furniture in the living room of the palatial estate that he had built for our family was a small handcrafted table. It was the revered pedestal for his Koran. My mother never allowed anything else on that table. His Koran was cumbersome to hold, as it was heavy and had ornate artwork crafted into its covers. In addition to his mandatory Islamic prayers, he spent a minimum of two hours a day reading it. He kissed it on each occasion that he picked it up or returned it to its sacred place. Father frequently mentioned that no matter how many times one reads the Koran, there will still be things that mystify ones understanding. Yet, it was his conviction that it contained useful teachings that could be found each time he repeatedly read it. Everything he said and did had to be in accordance with the strictest interpretations of Islamic Law. His primary goal for himself and his family was that we be pleasing to Allah. We were important, but secondary in his considerations as he labored to achieve his goal.

Father was a uniquely industrious man. At the age of nine, he and a childhood friend vowed that one day they would go into business together. They became partners in a successful (TYPE BUSINESS/REMOVED) that employed more than a hundred people. He spoke and read Arabic with such fluency that he REMOVED. In keeping with his motto that hard work is a part of a Muslims life he also became a REMOVED. The trust and reliability that he had in his business partner freed him to give himself to his university work and his studies. His chief joy was teaching. He always said, Joy, sorrow, wife, children and all of life are to be treasured as long as they do not trespass Islam and adherence to the Sharia (the rules and laws of Islam).

The dark side
While I was yet a teenager I saw his customary kind demeanor transformed into that of a raving religious fanatic. It all began by my finding a copy of the Bible in Farsi while studying in the universitys library. When I innocently brought that volume into his house his dark side was exposed. With unbelievable fury he screamed that I was to never read such a terrible book. My covert disobedience led me to a supernatural revelation that Jesus is Lord. A series of events ensued that necessitated that my husband and I flee Iran. My father renounced me as his daughter and forbade anyone to utter my name in his presence ever again.
The phone call from Iran

Twenty years later my husband and I were living in USA CITY/REMOVED. One particular week we were fasting about the direction for our ministry and the telephone rang at 3:30 AM on a Saturday morning. He was already asleep and I quickly answered it assuming that it was likely one of the converts who had returned to Iran and was reporting in to us. They frequently call in the middle of the night. For some momentarily unexplained reason I was shaking as I reached for the phone. No voice came through so I hung up and returned for bed when no one answered my hello. The same thing happened a second time and I decided that I would not answer it if it rang again. It shortly sounded forth for the third time and I dutifully answered it. I heard the operator speaking in Farsi stating that it was a person-to-person call for me from Iran. I assured the operator that I was the person whom the call was for and she told the other party that I was on the line. The male voice that I heard explained the reason for my shaking. Even before I picked up the receiver, the Holy Spirit within me knew who it was. The rush that His presence was causing in my body facilitated my physiological response of shaking. It was my father.

Glorious shock and awe DAUGHTER'S NAME/REMOVED, my beloved daughter is that really you? I could not respond instantly due to the fact that I was choking with tears. It was the first time that I had heard his voice in over twenty years.

Holy ground encounter
Yes, my dearest daughter it is I, your father.

My dear DAUGHTER NAME, just listen carefully to what I want to tell you about what has happened to me in the last couple of days. Early Thursday morning I left IRANIAN CITY/REMOVED for our farm in REMOVED and arrived there around noon. Even though it is not Ramadan, I decided to spend the day fasting. SENTENCE/REMOVED. I was scheduled to return home later that evening. There were errands to run and I was tired and hungry when I got to the farm. I walked around a little and then decided to return home, only to find that I had accidentally locked the keys in the car. I did not welcome the prospects of walking all the way to town to fetch a locksmith. I opted to recite my salat before the cold darkness closed in and before attempting the journey. The waters of the well were cold as I splashed them over my face, arms, loins and feet in ablution before kneeling in prayer. I was famished with hunger and as I knelt I saw a package of warm, freshly baked bread lying in the grass. There was not a soul around for miles and I began to thank Allah for his provision. I put a piece to my mouth and heard a thunderous voice telling me to arise to my feet. I obeyed and as I arose a heavy rain began to fall over me. To my astonishment, the voice commanded me to look around. It was then that I noticed that it was only raining on me and nowhere else on the farm. The ground under my feet was soaked and everywhere else the ground was perfectly dry.

The voice came again, Do you know who I am? I am the Bread of Life. My response was, Allaho Akbar, God is Great. No, you are mistaken. I am not Allah. You dont know Me at all. Kneel before Me. When I knelt a radiant figure appeared in front of me. The light from it was so bright that I had to lift my hands to shield my eyes. You are to repent of your sins. I am the Bread of Life and today My blood washes your sins away. I fell face-forward into the wet ground and cried out the name of Jesus repeatedly. As I did so, something that felt like a heavenly electrical honey pulsated through my entire body. I screamed into the muddy ground; even though I am now an old man please accept me Jesus and I will serve you for the rest of my life. The voice became even louder and continued, You are to prepare a feast of salvation at your home for all to see.

Read this entire story in Mina Nevisa's book, Miracle of Miracles. See it here:


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