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Glycoproteins; The 8 Essential Monosaccharides (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 07.04.2007

The fact is: The body is designed to heal itself of almost anything, if given the proper nutrients and conditions, and there are cases upon cases of this happening.

What it's about. Dr. Marvin is referring to astounding results with the revolutionary new science called "glyconutrition," or "glycobiology" and "cellular (or cell-to-cell) communications." Although medical journals are full of positive information about it, most doctors do not know about it because of its newness.

Glycobiology is the study of a special group of saccharides, called glyconutrients, that are essential to proper bodily function. Until recent years, scientists thought the only role for saccharides (sugars) was to provide energy. Science often changes its mind about previous conclusions, and they now know this was totally wrong. Researchers have only recently learned that every one of the approximately 100 trillion cells in your body actually "communicates" with other cells using a Braille-like alphabet of eight glyconutrients. They communicate to identify cancer cells and disease-causing microbes, so that your body can destroy them. If a person is missing any one of these eight, the cells cannot communicate properly, and disease can take hold, and even kill.

Due to modern processed foods, depleted soils, and green harvesting (before nutrients are fully formed), only two of these eight essential glyconutrients are usually found in the modern diet! No wonder so many people are sick and cancer rates are skyrocketing. When all eight are provided, the body can protect itself and begin to heal itself of even the worst diseases. The mounting testimonies are absolutely incredible when all eight of these glyconutrients are provided.

Message from a Doctor
to Doubting Doctors

by Rayburne W. Goen, Sr. MD
Fellow of the American College of Physicians
Fellow of the American College of Cardiology

The New Nutrition and Doubting Doctors

Dear Friend

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to introduce you to a monumental discovery in Healthcare, only recently acknowledged (1996) in Medical Journals and Textbooks.

When I first heard about Glyconutritients 4-1/2 years ago, I called it "Hogwash", and declared anyone who claimed that oral administration of these or any other supplements was of striking benefit to people suffering from a long list of unrelated diseases or ailments was a QUACK. In the same class as all the others making such claims for relief of many, many ailments, whatever the modality, so blatantly proclaimed and touted in numerous brochures and catalogs in the daily mail.

I was closed-minded-- call it skeptical, dubious, or cynical- as you and the rest of our Medical profession would have been, and are. I was, however, receptive enough to read the pertinent Medical Journals supplied to me, and I must admit I was a little jarred at the implications of what I read. I began to look into what turned out to be an overwhelming amount of related literature: Carbohydrate Metabolism is suddenly a hot subject--over 20,000 papers in Medline 1996-1998, and an equal number since. Most of them are in specialty Research Journals that we as practicing physicians do not take or read nor readily understand! The Clinical articles published thus far have been mainly retrospective: case reports of a series of patients with a major disease, and with suspiciously high percentages of positive results. I read many of these articles, but I could not believe they could be documenting something so fundamentally powerful, as that a mere food supplement could correct a deficiency in our diet so vitally important as to be the mechanism of all cellular communication in our body!

I was already well versed in that kind of hype! I had previously tried, on myself, enthusiastically at first, the highly touted Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Cetyl Myristoleate, MSM, SAM-e, Blue Green Algae, Alfalfa Tea, Olive Leaf Extract, Colloidal Silver: -- each with lots of ink but not one helped me in any way. I proposed to try (surreptitiously-dont tell anybody) Glyconutrients for a list of 21 ailments I could identify in myself, rated in severity from 1-10, attributable mostly to "old age" (I was 85 years old at the time). I was not neurotic-- just trying to be scientific. None of these completely disabled me, except Arthritis of knees, which required aspiration of fluid and instillation of Depo Medrol (a Cortisone), more and more frequently. eventually about every 3 months for one, then the other knee, when I would again be functional; and I had a Peripheral Neuropathy which impaired my balance and walking, and sleep because of restless legs. Within 4 months, I became symptom-free of 20 of these 21 complaints: the two mentioned, and a right shoulder rotator cuff tear, low back pain, cervical disc with left C-5 radiculopathy, inflammatory osteoarthritis of hands (I could not shake hands without hurting the next 3 days), hypertension (190/105), hypercholesterolemia (320mg) since in my 30s, nocturia 4-6x per night, urinary urgency incontinence, prostate cancer, developing cataract left eye, etc. I was able to discontinue all the 6 prescribed drugs, and all over-the-counter, except 1 aspirin every other day (I had a Coronary in 1990). The drugs had been effective to a degree, but all had side effects that were either disagreeable or intolerable.

That result was not enough to convince me.. This had to be some sort of fluke!

I resolved I could disprove this stuff by persuading a know-it-all relative who scoffed at the idea of taking supplements like these for his refractory Raynaud's Syndrome (cold-sensitive fingers that turned purple and agonizingly painful upon exposure); uncontrolled Diabetes type 2 with serious adverse effects from Insulin and oral anti-diabetes drugs; Hypercholesterolemia and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, worsened by all statin drugs for cholesterol reduction. He was scheduled for replacement surgery of both knees, each of which had been operated twice for old injuries and loss of cartilage, poorly responding to NSAID drugs, and with intolerable side effects. He had stated he was going to discontinue all the above drugs--- he had rather die than live this miserably. I reminded him that dying is an easy out, but that he might not die, but be disabled by Heart Attack, Stroke, Amputations, or Renal failure and Dialysis. I managed to induce him to try Glyconutritionals for 4 months, with the assurance they absolutely could not harm him. He reluctantly agreed...Three weeks later he reported he was free of pain and paresthesias, was having normalized blood sugars on just the one oral anti-diabetes drug he had continued (but that previously had not controlled the high blood sugar) His vision and mental clarity were strikingly improved. He neglected, however, to reorder the supplements, and the symptoms all recurred within 2 weeks. Upon resumption of the supplements, the symptoms again abated. Kochs postulates fulfilled!!

I still was not convinced!. I did cautiously offer Glyconutrients to several other former patients, including 2 refractory diabetics with complications, with similar salutary effects. I was nearly convinced after almost a year of results that I could only describe as incredible!

So---- I gave Glyconutritionals to Zondra, a patient whom I had doctored for 50 years with Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Atrophy type. (Her brother had died at age 13 with Duchenne type MD). She was total care since age 2 years; unable to do anything for herself; had impairment of swallowing; and was on Oxygen 24 hours daily. She was able to do some ceramics painting, with her right arm supported on a table, for 2 hours, twice a week. 4 months after starting glyconutrients, she could, for the first time in 50 years, feed herself, brush her teeth, scratch her nose, and is now off Oxygen for 3-4 hours daily. She can now swallow well, and she can paint 6-8 hours per day, 6 days a week! She states I have so much energy I could do more, but know I should rest some, whether I feel the need or not! She has sustained this improvement, and for the first time ever she has not been treated or hospitalized for respiratory failure or infection in over a year, despite a Flu epidemic disabling two of her Nurses and her room mate!

Bill, a former Surgical Technician in the Service, developed Type 2 Diabetes after returning from overseas in the 80s. When originally diagnosed, his blood sugars were in the 900s and remained uncontrollably high (above 500) for many years, despite multiple injections of regular Insulin up to 200 units daily, plus Ultra-Lente (long acting) Insulin 120 Units daily. He exhibited Retinopathy, with bleeding inside both eyes requiring years of Laser cautery therapy every 3 months, which provided some improvement but could not prevent subsequent recurrences. He developed Peripheral Neuropathy of both legs and arms with complications of Diabetic Ulcers on his legs and feet, for which amputation was advised. This he refused, but searched the internet to find a possible relief. He experienced considerable muscle deterioration, with Claudication (leg cramps) and Angina on attempting to walk half a block. He gained weight, up to 330 lbs, with the inactivity. Despite being on multiple anti-hypertension medications, his blood pressure for years averaged 200/115. He developed arthritis, with difficulty doing anything with his hands. After 4 years, and requests from a Podiatrist, his Physical Therapists, a Neurologist, and a Health South Rehab Doctor, he finally obtained HMO authorization for an electrified scooter which enabled him to get up and around In the early 90s, over a 3-4 months time period, he had a series of strokes and 3 TIAs. He was diagnosed Sleep Apnea, complicated by shortness of breath at rest, necessitating 6 assorted inhalers, including nasal and tracheo-bronchial steroids. He experienced heart failure with edema of the lower limbs. The strokes left him with some permanent left-sided weakness, migraine headaches, and double vision. For years he has been on a multiplicity of antibiotics a month without any was considered a Good Month! His Kidneys began to excrete albumin, and his BUN and Creatinine elevated as he approached renal failure that would require Dialysis. Because of the seriousness of his combined health problems, he believed this would prove TERMINAL in a short period of time. He became severely depressed because of his condition, and by what it was doing to his family. Despite what he could find on the Internet, and despite the efforts of 12 Doctors and Specialists, nothing seemed able to alter the downward trend of his health.

Read this entire letter: here

Read other such testimonies: here


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