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Daily Dose - The snowball effect of "safer" sex (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 05.29.2007

Daily dose

May 29, 2007 Why am I getting this?
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Vacci-Nation Situation, part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this series, I wrote about some of the unforeseen consequences of vaccinations in this country. Rather, I should say "unforeseen by everyone else." I've been warning the deaf-as-a-post mainstream about the perils of mass vaccinations for decades. But I digress...

In the articles I've circulated over the last few days, I showed you a modern example of a very real and deadly threat that's a DIRECT RESULT of vaccinations - the rise of chickenpox in adults, which can be as much as 20 times more likely to result in killer complications than a childhood case of the disease...

I also extrapolated some disturbing, yet all-too-likely outcomes of the new darling-of-the-mainstream Gardasil vaccine - which protects women from the vast majority of cases of the country's most common STD, the human papilloma virus (HPV). The outcomes I'm predicting include INCREASED rates of genital herpes and HIV, viral infections for which there is no cure or vaccine available.

But at the end my last Daily Dose article, I warned that these aren't the only STDs this vaccine will likely cause our young women (and the men who sleep with them) to be exposed to. Here's what I was referring to...

According to a recent Reuters article, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control is warning doctors that gonorrhea, the bacterial infection known in slang as "the clap," has become SO DRUG-RESISTANT among men of all sexual orientations that only one class of antibiotics remains that can still successfully treat the disease in all cases.

It used to be that cases of gonorrhea would fall to ANY antibiotic. Penicillin and tetracycline were most commonly used for decades. But the infection mutated into ever more resistant strains until these medicines became largely ineffective. Now, the process has repeated itself with another family of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones...

And today, injectable cephalosporins are the LAST HOPE for an increasing number of cases, claims the CDC. According to the Reuters piece, no new antibiotics for the treatment of gonorrhea are in any of the major drug-makers pipelines at this time.

As if this isn't reason enough for the young and sexually active to be concerned, CDC officials have voiced similar concerns about drug-resistant syphilis - a disease that's been all but off the radar for years, but is now coming back with a vengeance... What's all this have to do with vaccines, you're asking? Keep reading and I'll tell you...


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As I maintained in part 2 of this series, by virtue of the fact that it erases people's fears of contracting the most common STD in the country (HPV), Gardasil is all but certain to result in greater sexual activity among young adults...

And this would increase their chances of contact not only with viral STDs for which there are no cures or vaccines - but also with any number of bacterial infections. And as you've just learned, some of the more dangerous of these infections are becoming increasingly difficult to treat and defeat with antibiotic drugs...

Real-world bottom line: Vaccinations against STDs that promote promiscuity, coupled with ever-more-mutated infections, could add up to a "snowball effect" of mass incurable sexual malaise within a generation.

Now, this would be less of a worry if schools didn't barrage kids from 6th grade onward with free condoms, sexual "how to" manuals, and clubs for every sexual proclivity (sorry, I mean identity) on school campuses - or if young people were properly parented in this country in any community other than the Amish...

I'm not just talking about lack of discipline and absentee parenting. With the modern American divorce rate at around 50%, many parents are just as promiscuous as their horny teenagers.

But school and family influences aren't even the BIGGEST causes for alarm when it comes to factors that will likely contribute to rampant promiscuity among children and young adults. Find out what I'm talking about in the next Daily Dose...

Taking a closer look-y at rookie nookie,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.


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