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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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Broadway Musician saved from hell and death (miracles)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 04.15.2007

God is Still Doing Miracles - Broadway Musician saved from hell and death. This is an amazing true story about how he was miraculously healed by the Lord. It's well worth taking a few minutes to read about how God is working. I believe it will encourage you.

Some years ago I was involved with Broadway, playing the part of the John Lennon in Beatlemania, and also recording as a solo artist for Atlantic Records. With my career going the way it was, a lot of people would think I was in the midst of fulfilling the American dream, but in actuality, it was a very stressful time in my life. My mother had died from cancer and then my father was murdered shortly thereafter. Little did I know that it would all take its toll on me some years later.

It was my friend, Phil Keaggy, who lead me to the Lord back then, and helped me to break free from secular music, and learn to live my life for the Lord, Jesus Christ. I will always be grateful to Phil for sharing Jesus with me and for being such a good role model to me. Anyway, I was out playing here and there doing concerts, and ran into some difficulties a few years ago. Somehow I managed to come down with a heart condition.

We are talking serious stuff here. I discovered that it also ran in my family tree, but having been an orphan now for a number of years, I did not know anything about this at first. The Bible talks about blessings and curses, and the sins of the Father being passed on to the third and forth generations. (Read Exodus 34:7, Deuteronomy Chapt 28, II Timothy 3:16 and Galations 3:10-3:29) I will tell you that I did not grow up in a
Christian home.

I was sent to see a cardiologist after a week in hospital in the fall of '99, and the future looked pretty grim. I had just acquired a young 3 year old Tennessee Walking horse, as I have been an equestrian most of my life, and am as passionate about horses, as I am about art and music. I was told I would never ride again. Soon I was put on some very dangerous medicines, that actually have caused sudden death, the very thing it is supposed to prevent. Being a believer, I desperately ran after the Lord.

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." I was at a church service in Dallas, GA about that time. My friend, Eddie Rogers, who was a pastor there prophesied over me, and told me the Lord would heal me and I would receive a miracle, and live a long healthy life. Eddie helped me understand that the Lord wants to heal us, but we still have our part to play. I mean, not everyone gets saved, and yet the Bible teaches that God wants to save all of us that none shall parish. Of course you can see God wants to heal all of us as well, but we still have a part to play. We have choices to make. How many times in the Bible did Jesus say to someone, "your faith has healed you?! " So faith must have a part in getting one healed. Without faith we can not even be saved. You are saved by faith! ( If you have not yet been healed, I am not saying that maybe you don't have enough faith, because God gives us all a measure of faith.

Faith can increase, however."So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God"-- Romans10:17 ) Also, "as a man thinkth so he is." So I came to that place where I had to ask myself, "Whose report are you going to believe?" I sought after the Lord Jesus, day and night and
discovered Hebrews 13:8 that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Malachi 3:6 He changes not!

So I got to thinking, "when did he stop doing miracles?" My friends the Newsboys all prayed for me and the lead singer, Peter Furler told me his dad, Bill, had prayed for a blind man once, back in Australia and he received his sight. My good friend Seth Barnes of AIM, (Adventures in Missions) encouraged me in the Word, and also showed me amazing reports from around the world where the Lord was still doing miracles, healing people, and even raising some from the dead. He got me to read a book by Jack Deere, Surprised by the Spirit, and in it I found stories that also helped build my faith.

There was one story of a young boy who had been dead over six hours, and a evangelist from North Carolina, named Mahesh Chavda was used to pray him back to life with many witnesses. Yes, this happened in our life time. Read your Bible and see for yourselves. It talks about casting out evil spirits and raising the dead. (Mark 16 and Matt 10:7-8--KJV) After the Holy Spirit came upon them even the Apostles did these things. As believers we are told "this and greater things shall you do!" Many Christians just do not study the Word for themselves, but trust their pastor instead to think for them, which actually puts extra burdens on the pastor. No offence, but they are still just men too, and in Romans 7 Saint Paul admits the things he wants to do he does not always do, and the things he does not want to do-- that he does, because of the evil that dwells within. All of us have fallen short, of the glory of God. What I am trying to say is you need Jesus Christ to be Lord over all of your life-- every aspect of it. So make sure all the thoughts you have line up with what God says. Think holy words always!

Anyway, I started looking for the Lord in a number of Churches and ministries and as He said, "seek and you shall find!" Eventually I ended up at Pleasant Valley Ministries in Thomaston, GA. After receiving ministry there, I was healed of a so-called incurable heart disease! Then in July 2001 I was there for a church service just a week after I was ordained as a minister, which was also the same day I was taken off heart medicine. I was asked to share my gifts of music in that service, but instead of doing so, I began to have heart trouble, of which I knew I was already healed. My Doctor, Terri Allen of Montgomery, Alabama, (the Fit Center) who to me is the best doctor in the world, was with me at the time. I recall her taking my pulse and looking very concerned, but saying, "we have tried medicine, now we must just trust in the Lord," and she kept praying for me all through this time.

After the service had ended, I was talking to Pastor Henry and his staff, and I suddenly started to pass out. Actually, I was dying right there on the alter of the Lord. Dr. Terri, was taking my pulse. For two and half hours it had been faint and irregular, and was at this moment completely gone! All I recall was hearing Pastor Henry say," I know how to deal with this." Pastor Henry prayed at this time, apparently casting out a spirit of death. I recall Dr. Terri telling me how astonishing that was because she had her finger on my pulse, and it was non-existant. The instant Pastor Henry prayed, my pulse came back so strong and healthy that it pushed her finger off, which had never happened to her before in all her years of medical practice and ER duties.

It's impossible to have no pulse and then suddenly have a normal healthy one. Anita Hill, who is a nurse and Pastor Henry's assistant, was taking my pulse on the other hand and had the exact same experience as Dr, Terri. The Bible tells us, "Nothing is Impossible with God!" In a tape series called " Spirit World Realities 2002 " by Pastor Henry, he mentions this story and goes on to say,"What should we have done? Called 911? It would have been too late. We called on the name of Jesus, and Caspar is alive and well today!"

Pastor Henry Wright, is one of the most Christ-like men I have ever met in my life. I believe he operates in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am eternally grateful to him for the work he does in ministry to teach the truth and set people free. I believe perhaps, thousands of people have been healed of all sorts of terrible diseases by the Lord, through this ministry all around the world. I would strongly suggest you take a look at the book, A More Excellent Way, which were transcribed from Pastor Henrys teaching of the Word. If you have not yet heard of it,
you can order it at 800 453 5775.

A few months ago I was preaching at a Church, and Dr Terri drove over four hours both ways, just to help me testify to what I have just shared. When Dr. Terri shared her side of the story at the end of the service, she went on to say that indeed, it would have been to late to call 911, and that I had already been on last ditch medicine. There was nothing anyone could have done to save me. I ask you, do we serve a Living God or what?!!! All Praise be to my Lord Jesus Christ, I thank Him everyday for my now good health, for allowing me to still be here to watch my children grow up in the knowledge of the Lord, to be here for my wife, family, and friends, and to ride my horse again, to make music and art unto the Lord, and serve Him through this ministry. Alleleuia!

In His love

Caspar McCloud

Except from Caspar's new book,

Dr. Terry Allen

I had been watching Caspar as he played that night, and I knew something was wrong. He became increasing fidgety, then left the stage. When he sat down he was very, very pale, his skin cool and clammy. I reached over to take his pulse. His heart was racing and irregular. Caspar must have known that Satan was attacking, so he began to pray, coming against the enemy. After a bit he felt a little better, but I suggested he talk to Pastor Henry at the end of the service and ask for prayer.

In my heart, I knew there was a chance Caspar could have a heart attack, or throw a blood clot and have a stroke. But to voice my concerns would have increased Caspar?s anxiety, which would increase the adrenaline. So we stayed very calm and prayed.

As the service ended and people began leave, Caspar and I walked over to Pastor Henry to ask for prayer. As he began speaking with us, Caspar began to get wobbly. I reached over to support his elbow and was joined on the other side by a Pleasant Valley staffer, Anita Hill, who also happened to be a nurse. Caspar grew paler and paler. But we weren?t ready for what was next. Because he slipped out of our hands and fell to the floor.

At that moment, I knew we weren?t just in a battle for Caspar?s health, it was a battle for his life. Pleasant Valley Church is in a farmland area. The hospital was miles away and there was nothing to do but monitor Caspar?s pulse. So Anita and I dropped down on either side and we each
grabbed a wrist. But looking at each other across Caspar's fallen body, we shared the same startling knowledge. There was no pulse.

Pastor Henry Wright
Pleasant Vally Church

Caspar came to where I was standing and in the blink of an eye, he was lying on the floor. He had no pulse. He was not breathing. Now, I knew Caspar well. We had counseled together for many hours and I understood there was a spiritual battle that was waging for his life. Oh, I know
what this is, I said, and began speaking to something invisible in him. Your battle is not with him, I said, It's with me. Then I broke the power of death over Caspar and the spirit of infirmity that went with it.

When someone drops dead, it is the spirit of death. Some people might not agree that this was the spirit of death we were dealing with here. But the word of God tells us, beginning in I Corinthians 15:24, that when the end comes he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.

And the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. Jesus himself cast out spirits by laying hands on the people that came to him. Following the example of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I took action. I had the knowledge and tools (gifts of the Holy Spirit) and anointing to do that. Caspar was a Christian when he first came to see me, but he also had a spirit of fear, a spirit of infirmity and a spirit death.

Some people claim that Caspar didn't really die at that moment. Well, I have one question for them. How long do you have to be dead before you're dead? Is it one minute? Two minutes? Five? Ten? Behind Caspar's disease was an evil spirit. And even if we had called 911 and they had been able to get his heart started again, Caspar would not have had the complete healing that he experienced.

Pastor Henry also stated at that moment as Dr. Terri jumped back in complete astonishment and asked" How did you do that? meaning how did you get Caspar's heart started? and this was Pastor Henry's reply (" I did not do that! God did that!" I asked Him in JESUS name and He Did it!)

(This was told by a number of people who were there, and had been witness's to the events as they unfolded and observed) including Caspar just before he looked up and asked what happened? Dr. Terri answered him and said " that my dear brother was spiritual warfare"!


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