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Important: "get enough animal fat in your diet" (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 04.05.2007

This M.D. just may be right about a lot of things. I have nothing monetarily to gain from posting this. And, I'm not saying it is all "gospel truth". I don't know. It is probably an Ad; but still, it's an interesting read. There may be something like "nuggets of truth" here. /s/ Steve @

One rebel-with-a-cause M.D. insists...

You don't have to be an "acceptable loss" to the FDA

Misled by Big Pharma's influence and the government's collusion, American doctors are sacrificing 300,000 lives a year in the medical equivalent of a business expense...

Avoid being the next "write off" of a hidden conspiracy of greed by reading this now - and discovering the one maverick M.D. who can show you how to:

DEFY THE STATIN-DRUG LIE because stroke risk soars when LDL's too low

SHUN RISKY IMPOTENCE MEDS yet still crank up your mojo like prom night

STOP POPPING BLOOD THINNERS and give your heart real protection instead

SAY "NO" TO THE MEAT-HATERS while actually living far longer for it

END THE WATER TORTURE and thwart cancer by gulping coffee instead

SOAK UP THAT "KILLER" SUN as you bask in lower risk of skin and other cancers

The medical establishment only cares
about profits, not patients.

Learn the facts of real health from medicine's most acclaimed MYTH-BUSTER! And let him show you how to shrug off your medical miseries IN THE NEXT 60 SECONDS

He's been exposing medical conspiracies and pioneering breakthrough treatments for nearly 4 decades. Here's your invitation join to him on the path to real health!

NO OTHER DOCTOR OF OUR TIME has crusaded harder, traveled further and sacrificed more to advance the science of alternative medicine than William Campbell Douglass II, MD. Today, many of the breakthroughs he fought so hard to establish have been adopted by thousands of doctors. But many battles with the stodgy, set in their ways medical establishment came first, and his real life story is more fascinating than any television "doctor drama."

Always combative in just causes, Dr. Douglass went straight from the University of Miami Medical School into the U.S. Navy, where he earned his wings as a Flight Surgeon. He then earned fame in the field of Emergency Medicine, where his innovations continue to save lives today.

But it was Dr. Douglass' pioneering work in medical alternatives for which Americans may thank him most. He braved attacks from former colleagues who were already being lured by the tempting profits of "big medicine." At one point he was even hounded out of his state's medical society, all for insisting on life-saving treatments that, at one time deemed controversial, but now have finally gained widespread acceptance.

Then, while other doctors cashed in on lucrative practices, Dr. Douglass flew to Africa and set up a clinic in one of the world's poorest nations, Uganda. Here, his inexpensive natural treatments healed patients with far greater effectiveness than costly drugs that were chronically in short supply.

Always searching for
safe, proven cures...

But Dr. Douglass' healing quest was far from over. Accepting an invitation from Russia's legendary physician Dr. Nikolai Chiaka, he traveled to St. Petersburg to work at the renowned Pasteur Institute. He then spent years in Finland, Turkey and Spain before finally returning to his beloved home in Georgia, U.S.A. All the while, he was adding to his vast knowledge of alternative medicine, and he is hailed today as an authority second to none.

Among his associates, "Bill" Douglass is famed both for his feisty spirit and his sense of humor. Challenged once to explain himself before a U.S. Senate Subcommittee, he flew into Washington on a plane that nearly crash-landed. Unperturbed, he sped straight to the Capitol and proceeded to disarm his adversaries with such aplomb that Senators and press alike were soon laughing and applauding.

Now, you have an opportunity to see first-hand how "Dr. Bill" continues to deflate long-established, profit-serving myths, champion today's most important new breakthroughs and make real health a blessed reality for tens thousands of people everyday.

Time after time,
"Dr. Douglass was right!"

"He was right about BREAST-FEEDING BABIES!"
Nearly 40 years ago, bottle-feeding was at its peak of fashion. Dr. Douglass took on the food companies and argued that it was unhealthy.

"He was right about HYSTERECTOMIES!"
Long before popular women's magazines began warning about this, Dr. Douglass took surgeons to task for bullying women into this drastic and often unnecessary measure.

"He was right about IRON!"
Just this year, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition started noticing that excess iron ingested through supplements and "enriched" foods is killing many people. Dr. Douglass has been warning of this for more than 15 years.

"He was right about HEART DISEASE!"
Research studies are now pouring out of Universities and medical labs, demonstrating that eggs, fish, meats and other cholesterol-rich foods are wonderfully heart-healthy and not a deadly toxin. They're just catching up to what Dr. Douglass said for 20 years.

"He was right about CANCER!"
In the summer of 2001, brand-new studies show that alternative treatments once spurned by the medical establishment are truly saving lives. Dr. Douglass has championed treatments like these since 1962.

To the FDA, you're
nothing but a number.
Learn the simple secrets to true health
before that number's up...

A deadly profit plot between Big Pharma and Big Brother has YOU in the crosshairs - but as the one M.D. they can't silence, I'm going to show you how to get the bulls-eye off your back

Dearly Misled Friend,

As an M.D. myself, it pains me whenever I have to point a finger at other doctors.

But because I went to medical school back when doctors still swore adherence to the Hippocratic Oath (they don't anymore), I go where the truth takes me, however ugly it may be...

And I need to tell you that truth right now - because literally hundreds of thousands of American lives hang in the balance. Yours could be one of them. So here it is, right between the eyes:

A hidden conspiracy of greed exists between Big Pharma and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. And most mainstream MDs (yes, most likely even yours) are unwitting accomplices in it...

Over 300,000 Americans are killed every year
by the"medicines" that are supposed to be curing them

That's over 300,000 of your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers or peers across the fruited plain killed each year by drugs prescribed by conventional MDs.

Remember, just ONE DRUG (Vioxx) killed over 28,000 of us just a few years ago. And there are thousands of drugs on the market right now...

They're a cost of doing business in modern medicine's "balance sheet" model, where it's acceptable that vast numbers of casualties will result from Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) - as long as those who survive represent a net profit.

Our politicians and regulatory agencies facilitate this profit-and-loss (of life) machine. Worse yet, our doctors are trained to believe that it's the nature of medicine - and we're lied to about it right up until it kills us...

And here's the worst part:

Big Pharma and Big Brother rationalize mass death
in the name of a "greater good" health equation

They say: "Think of how many lives prescription drugs save."

So far, I've seen little to convince me that drugs save more lives than they take. Most of today's doctors have lost sight of:

That the FDA exists to make sure nobody
dies from Big Pharma's "cures."

Drug-related casualties are part of an equation, all right. Just not one that's aimed at the "greater good" at all...

More like the greater profit of the pharmaceuticals industry - which means greater revenue for the FDA in new drug application and "fast-track" approval fees...

But for those that choose not to be victimized by this conspiracy of greed, there's another way to stay healthy. Or to GET healthy again if you're sick.

It doesn't involve high-dollar, high-risk prescription drugs brainwashed-by-drug-money doctors who don't even swear to "do no harm" anymore or
playing Russian Roulette with deadly medications...

Saving yourself from their deadly numbers game
involves nothing more than learning the truth
about what's good and bad for you

...A truth we're not hearing about from our docs or the major media.

But you're about to start hearing it right now - from ME along with the safe, natural, effective and affordable therapies that are all around us for every disease under the sun. The same real cures Big Pharma and the FDA hope you never discover.

I'm going to begin revealing them to you in just a moment, but first...

Who am I to be swinging this ax?

I'm William Campbell Douglass, M.D.

I've been called 'the conscience of modern medicine,' and the National Health Federation voted me 'Doctor of the Year.'

I've also been labeled a 'maverick,' and several less flattering names too, but hey, that's part of the territory. And friend, my territory is everywhere...

I've flown with US Navy crews as a Flight Surgeon...
Saved lives as a long-time emergency physician...
Battled malaria in bullet-torn regions of Central America...
Fought deadly epidemics at my own health clinic in Africa...
Worked alongside doctors at Russia's renowned Pasteur Institute...
I've even been called before Congress (they never asked me back)...
And if there's one undeniable medical fact I've learned in 40 years of treating patients all over the world, it's that...

as an undeniable medical fact!

As you'll see, medicine just doesn't work that way. You're not a number, you're a human being. The most unpredictable thing in creation...

And your own road to real health can be easier, cheaper and far more pleasant than any health-nag would ever predict.

Just let me send you 5 FREE BONUS GIFTS and you'll soon see and feel what I mean. You'll learn how to make your body immune to CANCER, HEART ATTACKS, JOINT PAIN, FLU, COLDS and DEADLY DISEASE in ways that would make our misinformed 'health authorities' whine for a week...

By eating REAL FOOD, taking a few (cheap!) supplements that make you STRONGER, and doing some shockingly PLEASURABLE things that 'everyone knows' can't be healthy!
First we'll get the diet Nazis out of your life. I mean...

Everyone's hollering

But please don't overdo it. Because the actual figures reveal:
VEGETARIANS DIE YOUNGER. Oh, they tell you they're healthier, but census data shows the opposite. Plus...

VEGETARIAN KIDS ARE SICKLIER. The Archives of Pediatric Adolescent Medicine reports that children reared on these diets are at higher risk for impaired psychomotor development.

VEGETARIAN DIETS WON'T EVEN MAKE YOU MORE REGULAR. Even teenage vegetarians are 8 times more likely to use laxatives!

AND THEY could SAP YOUR SEX LIFE AND YOUR STRENGTH. This is not a myth. In fact, researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have linked meatless, low-protein diets to slumping sex function and muscle loss and bone damage.

And if your idea of instant breakfast is

Actually, you're half right. That morning cup of coffee you crave is one of nature's real health miracles:

JUST DRINK 2-3 CUPS A DAY and presto! You're 45% less likely to suffer from gallstones...

RAISE IT TO 4 CUPS and you dramatically drop your risk of colon cancer (the second deadliest cancer in America)...

WANT ONLY ONE CUP? Plug in the pot! Because just one cup of coffee packs the antioxidant power of three fresh oranges.

I don't recommend smoking, but if you do, don't give up the coffee! One study shows it may even help protect smokers from bladder cancer.

Then, when they pester you to

Turn back on your tormentors with one simple question. WHY?

Know what? NOBODY KNOWS WHY. In the words of a famous nutritionist at Penn State University, 'I can't tell you...and I've written a book on water.'

Maybe your kidneys need it? No, according to a kidney expert at the National Institutes of Health, the average healthy adult gets all the water he or she needs from solid food alone.
Well then, perhaps it's to replace the water you lose from drinking coffee? Wrong again! The Journal of the American College of Nutrition confirms that caffeine doesn't dehydrate healthy people.

From now on, you have doctor's orders to drink water only when you feel like it. And if you'll take just one precaution with your water supply, you can...


It's really easy. Starting tomorrow, drink no tap water. Not because of industrial pollution, but because of chemicals that 'health authorities' are adding to your water. For example...
People who warned against FLUORIDATION used to be ridiculed, but guess what? In Scandinavia, in fact all of Europe, and nearly every other medically advanced nation, they have now banned the practice.

Know why? Because fluoride makes your body absorb extra aluminum. And where does the aluminum go? Your brain. And what metal shows up alarmingly in the brains of Alzheimer's victims? You guessed it. (Hmm... Maybe our health authorities have been drinking too much water?)

In your FREE BONUS REPORTS, I'll explain the cheapest and easiest way to filter out all this toxic JUNK MEDICINE, along with several even easier ways to cut your Alzheimer's risk. Then you'll learn how to slash your cancer risk by IGNORING some of today's most idiotic advice. Including loads of...

that you can stop worrying about right now

If you don't want cancer, don't believe anyone who tells you:

'SUNSHINE CAUSES MELANOMA.' Just the opposite. In studies all over the world, as sun exposure increases, malignant skin cancer risk goes down. In the sunniest parts of Australia, lifeguards have lower skin cancer rates than office workers.

'ELECTRIC BLANKETS GIVE YOU CANCER.' Know how this myth got canonized? Instead of commissioning new research, a public health authority put the question to a VOTE. (NEWS FLASH: you can't change the laws of nature by voting.) Yet even these geniuses freely admit that more than 500 existing studies show ZERO compelling evidence of electric fields causing cancer. Rest easy and while you're at it, enjoy your heating pad again.

'HIGH FAT DIETS CAUSE BREAST CANCER.' Fat phobia may be the height of fashion, but it's JUNK MEDICINE. Researchers studied 88,795 women over the course of 14 years, and what did they find? Not one sign that high-fat diets promote breast cancer. Not one hint that low-fat diets protect you. And in fact...

Women who consumed the least fat
got breast cancer MORE OFTEN

Yet of all the cancer myths current today, none has killed more innocent people than one particular, truly murderous hoax:

'DDT CAUSES CANCER.' Says WHO? Check the record. Back in the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency examiner summed up 9,000 pages of research by flatly declaring, 'DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man.' He also emphasized that it doesn't harm fish, birds or other wildlife. Despite this open-and-shut case, his boss, EPA head William Ruckleshaus went ahead and banned DDT. Aides later said he never read even one page of the studies. He had helped to hatch the DDT scare and couldn't bring himself to admit he was wrong.

The worldwide witch-hunt against DDT hasn't saved one peregrine falcon. But it has unquestionably murdered tens of millions of human children in tropical nations, who continue to die from malaria, Dengue fever, yellow fever and other mosquito-borne plagues.

I know this all too well from treating patients at my own clinic in Africa. It steams me to think that the anti-DDT activists who commit this genocide are congratulating themselves for being great humanitarians. And the crowning irony is that...

DDT may even
prevent breast cancer

One of America's greatest medical researchers, Dr. William Hazeltine, has found that small amounts of DDT actually lower the risk of leukemia and breast cancer in lab animals. (The animals appeared so much healthier, lab technicians started referring to this miracle compound as 'vitamin DDT.')

Are you starting to see how many deadly health FALSEHOODS have been promoted to FACTS, just by being endlessly repeated? And there's another side to this counterfeit coin. Just as many real health breakthroughs that could save your life tomorrow are being ignored. Don't miss the details in your FREE BONUS REPORTS about...

That mass media has BLACKED OUT

For example, what if you had a truly foolproof test for detecting hidden cancers? One that finds the cancer early enough to enable a complete cure? Everyone wants there to be a test like this, but...

IT SURE ISN'T MAMMOGRAPHY. One of today's most acclaimed cancer experts, Dr. Michael Baum of University College Hospital, London, recently announced that 'I think there is a deception going on.' Very simply, the latest statistics show that mammograms don't save lives. And half of all women diagnosed with 'early breast cancer' may be having mastectomies for nothing.
IT ISN'T THE PSA TEST for prostate cancer, EITHER. Ask your doctor about the alarming study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet. Believe it or not, it shows that men who take this test are more likely to die of prostate cancer than men who don't.

The actual rate of missed cancers hasn't changed much in 75 years...But, with the advent of the test I am going to tell you about, this will change for the better.

So what on earth can you do? Just sign up for your FREE BONUS REPORTS and let me give you the exciting new details about:

How to detect and defeat

It's new, it's called the AMAS test, and nothing else even comes close to it. If your doctor runs it twice, your rate of false positives and false negatives drops to under 1%.

How important is this accuracy? Life or death. For example, if you find prostate cancer early enough, you've got a 99% chance of a cure.

And the test couldn't be easier. The doctor takes a blood sample and screens it for a substance called Anti-Malignan Antibody (AMAS). No squeezing the breasts. No poking around you-know-where.

The antibody is manufactured by your own immune system, in response to any common kind of cancer cell.

Thus, if you simply test for AMAS, you can reliably surmise when cancer is lurking somewhere in your body. And get treatment before it spreads.

I'm Dr. William Campbell Douglass, and I want to give you a FREE Daily Dose of the straight scoop about health, medicine, and politics.'

Join me as I journey far and wide exposing junk medicine, flawed science, vegetarian propaganda, FDA misinformation, big-government waste and fraud, and the antics of medical miscreants everywhere. With my Daily Dose, you'll have the perfect companion to my newsletter - a continuous supply of urgent and timely health information like:

The latest medical research - without the PC spin
All the best natural cures - especially the ones the
drug giants want to keep quiet

The truth about diet, nutrition and weight loss -
without the sprouts and tofu

What your government has in store for you - and
how your rights are at stake

All it takes is a second of your time to get yourself 'in the loop' by signing up for this invaluable FREE health resource. And I promise, I won't allow anyone else access to your e-mail address for any reason - I simply have too much respect for the privacy of my readers to allow it. Just fill in the information below and I'll start sending you my Daily Dose immediately.

Privacy Policy: We understand and respect how much you value your privacy. That is why we guarantee we will never sell your e-mail address.

Breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer,
colon cancer, name it...your chances for beating
any of these cancers has suddenly skyrocketed!

Exciting? You bet. If there's any cancer in your family, AMAS should absolutely be part of your own regular checkup.

And this is not pie in the sky. It's been tested in studies of more than 8,000 patients and awarded U.S. Patent Number 5866690. Your doctor could and should be using it right now...

But he probably hasn't heard of it. So tell him! Full details in your FREE BONUS GIFTS, where I'll also brief you on:

TODAY'S DEADLIEST CANCER-PREVENTION MYTH. You're probably following it at meal-time and hating every minute of it...

THE BEST CANCER PREVENTIVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF, a beverage that cuts off the blood supply to start-up cancer cells...

AND THE REAL 'MAGIC BULLET,' a laser-light therapy that can make chemotherapy obsolete, destroying cancer cells without harming healthy ones.
Then you'll learn about today's most popular form of SUICIDE...

Want to kill yourself trying to

Then just obey the Food Police and eat a VERY LOW-FAT DIET.

I've been cautioning my readers about this for years and now I'm even hearing agreement from the Chairman of the Nutrition Committee of the American Heart Association. Even he now admits that a very low-fat diet can be harmful to many people! So unless you've actually been tested and found to have a very specific condition called 'pattern B LDL,' be careful to get enough animal fat in your diet.

At this point patients often ask me, 'But how can I keep my cholesterol down?' Well, maybe you should be more concerned about getting it higher. Because...

deadlier than high cholesterol

Here too, even the American Heart Association is now admitting...

LOW CHOLESTEROL CAN TRIGGER THE DEADLIEST KIND OF STROKE. It's called a 'massive stroke,' and it happens when blood vessels in your brain are so weak, they burst open.

EVEN MODERATELY LOW CHOLESTEROL LEVELS can raise your risk of these strokes. By this, I mean under 200. Yet many doctors routinely prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs if it's over 200!
No wonder the British Medical Journal recently announced:


When they actually looked at the figures, guess what? Folks with lower cholesterol were just about as likely to develop heart disease as those with higher levels. It simply doesn't matter.

So what's the real cause of heart disease? Well, for one thing:

Too little RED MEAT
in your diet

See how pleasant real health can be? Your friends might say 'YOU'RE NUTS,' but the actual biochemistry behind my EAT LIKE A HUMAN diet is now endorsed by just about every serious heart researcher.

You see, of all the different substances they can measure in your blood, the deadliest risk factor for heart disease is not cholesterol, but a chemical called HOMOCYSTEINE. Because...

Cholesterol doesn't do diddly unless it 'catches' on a ridge or a pit in your artery walls. And the secret cause of these 'cholesterol traps' is homocysteine. Too much homocysteine and your arteries corrode like a rusty pipe.

But it's so easy to cut down your homocysteine levels! Three vitamins do the trick quickly, including vitamins B6 and B12. And by far the richest source of these vitamins is...

You got it. Red meat. In your FREE BONUS GIFTS, you'll receive complete details of my EAT LIKE A HUMAN program, which not only heals your arteries, but peels off excess pounds in the bargain.

Then you'll learn all about:

HOW TO EXPAND NARROW ARTERIES almost instantly, after any meal, with a nutrient pill that goes to work in seconds...

HOW TO CLEAN OUT DISEASED ARTERIES permanently and make them flow free again, without surgery, diet or any drugs at all...

COMMON INFECTIONS that cause many heart attacks, and the little-known treatment that kills these dangerous germs...

And the next time you hear anyone say 'HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY PREVENTS HEART DISEASE,' be a good friend and set them straight:

woman's risk of heart disease

In a recent study of 2,000 women who had suffered heart attacks, taking estrogen doubled their risk of further problems.

Understand, I am not saying that Hormone Replacement Therapy is bad for your heart. It's just that most menopausal women are receiving the wrong mix of hormones. Doctors are flooding their systems with too much estrogen and progesterone, usually dangerous synthetics, when in fact...

The heart-healthy hormone
women need is TESTOSTERONE

Forget what everyone told you about 'male' and 'female' hormones. As any first-year medical student should know, both women and men produce all the very same types of sex hormones.

It's just the proportion that's different. Healthy women produce more estrogen and make more testosterone...but all of us need some of each to stay healthy.

Testosterone, not estrogen, is the hormone that keeps your heart strong. If you're a woman over 50, there's a good chance your levels are too low (just as in men over 50).

In your FREE BONUS GIFTS I'll give you full details about the NATURAL HORMONE THERAPY that combines all the hormones a woman needs. And how to find a doctor with expertise in this neglected field.

Do look into it. Not only is it better for your heart, but it may also reverse osteoporosis.
It's even been shown in some to cut breast cancer risk by 90%.

Now what about men? Well, don't let anyone tell you that 'MEN HAVE TOO MUCH TESTOSTERONE.' Because...

What doctors don't tell you about testosterone
isn't just stealing your potency.

Studies show that many American men over 40 actually suffer a dangerous testosterone deficiency. Yet doctors typically don't even test for it, because they too are victims of


EVERYONE THINKS that testosterone causes heart disease. Yet the research shows it's a fabulous treatment and may even prevent strokes.
EVERYONE FEARS that testosterone promotes prostate disease. Yet studies show that both benign swelling and cancer typically strike older men, with declining testosterone levels.

EVERYONE ASSUMES that the state-of-the-science treatment for impotence is Viagra. While it can help, all-natural testosterone can make you feel and perform like a 21-year-old again. And, a combination of the!
In your FREE BONUS GIFTS, I'll give you my 60-SECOND SELF TEST for checking your own testosterone levels. And I'll show you several exciting new ways to boost or DOUBLE your own natural testosterone levels quite safely, just by stimulating your body to make more.

Plus I'll provide the surprising new facts about...


I am not talking about glucosamine or chondroitin. They do work, but their pain-relief power is limited.

The REAL miracle for joint pain and swelling has been sitting right under our noses for decades. I'm certain you've heard of it...

Good old reliable

Stay with me here. I realize that everyone tells you 'CORTISONE CAN DESTROY YOUR HEALTH,' and so it can...

But so can any other substance, including water. And when cortisone's powers were first discovered, doctors got carried away. They gave huge doses that were bound to be destructive.

Now, one courageous doctor has proved that cortisone can be safe and a Godsend to sufferers. His name is Dr. William Jeffries. And I'll share his breakthroughs in your FREE BONUS GIFTS. You'll learn how:

YOUR BODY PRODUCES ITS OWN NATURAL FORM OF CORTISONE, to help it fight stress, injuries and fatigue...

BUT MANY JOINT PAIN SUFFERERS ARE SECRETLY DEFICIENT in this natural form, called hydrocortisone. Simply correct this with very small doses and the results can transform your life.

Better still, this same natural therapy can clear up many other anti-immune problems, like hay fever, asthma and more besides. So do let me show you how to get access to this real health breakthrough. (Warning: I am not talking about Prednisone, which is dangerous.)

It's all in your FREE BONUS GIFTS, where you'll also learn...

How to protect your loved ones
from the world's #1 killer

Everyone thinks that today's biggest threats to your life are heart disease and cancer, but surprise...

Germs are back on top again, as a very worried AMA revealed at a conference not long ago.

People who check into hospitals for treatment of other conditions are dying of bacterial pneumonia that antibiotics can't touch. Tuberculosis has returned to America in drug-resistant strains...

New strains of colds are lasting for months and doctors are publicly worrying that the killer flu which wiped out 20 million people back in 1919 could be reborn any autumn now...

But cheer up, because despite what everyone tells you...

Read this entire Ad. Things to ponder: here


Cafestol, a compound found in coffee, elevates cholesterol by hijacking

a receptor in an intestinal pathway critical to its regulation, said

researchers from Baylor College of Medicine in a report that

appears in the July issue of the journal Molecular Endocrinology.

In fact, cafestol is the most potent dietary cholesterol-elevating agent known.

Scientific studies have indicated that paper coffee filters play a crucial role in eliminating the cholesterol raising factor of coffee. Permanent filters, on the other hand, allow the cholesterol raising oils to filter into the cup.,174.html


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