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John Dee, Agent 007, Masons, Israel and Black Magik (Masons)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 02.10.2007

Masonic plan to reveal their Messiah on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

When we speak of Masonry, we need to speak of the occult, kabbalah (cabala), black magic, satanism, spiritualism, and spiritism. All forbidden by the Word of God. As we know, the dabbling in the occult are all very good ways of inviting demons into ones life. Masonry takes all the world religions, ignores their teachings, and comes up with its own blend of enlightened man. This is what Masons mean by the "perfected man". He belongs to a fraternity which on the surface puts up the facade of benevolence, all the while directing and corralling its initiates to its true God - who is, as Masonic Grand Master Albert Pike tells us: "Lucifer, the Light-bearer!"

John Dee, Wizard & original Agent 007

His fearsome appearance in a tall pointed hat and his penchant for crystal balls gave the world the archetype of the wizard after which dozens of story book wizards have been based, including Gandalf, Harry Potter, and even the Wizard of Oz. He founded the Rosicrucian order (the preeminent training School for the occult), the first of many magical secret societies, which promoted spiritual growth throughout the centuries.

John Dee (1527-1608) was an English mathematician, professor, and astronomer who gave it all up for the (at that time) more lucrative occupation of being an "angel channeler" and astrologer.

Dee eventually became Elizabeth's court astrologer, and soon after, her spy. As an agent of the crown, Dee conducted several mysterious missions for purposes mostly unknown to this day. He relished his espionage duties, creating elaborate, sophisticated ciphers. In his correspondence with the Queen during these episodes, he signed his communiqus "007," a moniker that would be used again, as any fan of the spy genre will recognize. The angelic channeler John Dee believed that specially constructed mirrors could draw magical power from the sun and transmit messages and objects to distant stars and other worlds. Dee attempted to receive visions from 'angels' using a globe of crystal.

Dee was born near London on the 13th of July 1527. He entered St. John's College at Cambridge at age 15. He achieved notoriety early on with a charge of sorcery, which stemmed from a mechanical flying beetle demonstrated in a stage play. After spending many years studying mathematics and cartography, he took an interest in natural magic, a pastime then accepted by the church. From his studies he developed a doctrine that one could obtain knowledge of God from the applied practice of magick- a controversial idea that was to get him into trouble on a number of occasions. Early in his "Magik" career, during the reign of Queen Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary), Dee was arrested and accused of attempting to kill her with sorcery. He was imprisoned in Hampton Court in 1553. Dee was imprisoned in England for the crime of calculating practicing the pagan craft of mathematics. He was accused of practicing black magic.

In 1564 one of his many books dealing with Occult matters, The Monas Heiroglyphica was published, the Monas Heiroglyphica is a symbol created by Dee, which he believed was the ultimate symbol of Occult knowledge. The following year he published Di Trigono.

Dee began his experiments in trying to contact discarnate entities in 1581, mainly fuelled by strange dreams, feelings and mysterious noises within his home. On 25 May 1582 he recorded that he had made his first contact with the spirit world, through the medium of his crystal ball. This had taken Dee years of work to achieve, through studying the occult, alchemy and crystallomancy. Spirit contact would prove to be a major driving force behind Dee for the rest of his life.

While Dee was away in Europe things were not boding well at home. In 1583 a large mob attacked Dee's home and library at Mortlake in Surrey destroying his collection of books, occult instruments and personal belongings. The attack was probably in response to rumors that Dee was a wizard.


John Dee, Rosicrucian's and Freemason's all believe the same thing. And that's that benevolent "higher spiritual beings" are just waiting in one of many other dimensions to aid "Perfected Men" like Dee and Freemasons, men who have perfected themselves through proceeding up through the ranks of the secret societies. Freemason's are aware that God is opposed to this. The Bible calls these spiritual beings demons, with God forbidding such practices completely. This practice is called "necromancy", and is defined as "conjuration of the spirits of the dead for purposes of magically revealing the future or influencing the course of events" (Miriam Dictionary). In the following passages, God forbids this practice: Deuteronomy 18:11; 1 Samuel 28:7-19; Leviticus 19:31; and Leviticus 20:6.

"... one of Dee's biographers described him as 'Elizabethan England's great magus' ... Dee was a practitioner of 'Hermetic gnosticism', a school of thought based on the ancient pre-Christian teachings of the Greek god Hermes. Hermes was in fact a mere copy of the much earlier Egyptian god of knowledge and language, Thoth. In this sense, all 'Hermetic gnosticism' can be viewed as a worship of the teachings of Thoth. According to the Egyptian mythos, Thoth was one of the gods who came down to Earth, along with Isis and Osiris, to bring the fruits of knowledge, civilization and the sciences to the Egyptian people ... In 1581, using his knowledge of these ancient practices, he began a series of attempts to communicate with 'higher beings'. His channel in this capacity was one Sir Edward Kelly..."

The 007 was the insignia number that Elizabeth was to use for private communiques between her Court and Dee. Dee signed his letters with two circles (zeros) and a seven: 007". Dee was the man whom Ian Fleming modeled his 007 James Bond character.

TUBAL CAIN: Lamech was Cains fifth son. Lamech in turn had three sons: Jabal, Jubal, Tubalcain. Tubal Cain refers to blacksmiths from antiquity and the original Tubal Cain supposedly worked with bronze and iron in the far distant past.

If we simply rotate Dees 007 signature 90 degrees. It then looks like two balls and a club or a cane. The interesting thing about this is that there is a resemblance to the masonic symbol "Two Ball Cane". Two Ball Cane" is allegedly a pun for Tubal Cain" which is the secret password of a third degree mason, a "master mason".

Listen to what occultist and Mason, Manly Palmer Hall, has to say:

"The day has come when Fellow Craftsman must know and apply their knowledge. The lost key to their grade is the mastery of emotion , which places the energy of the universe at their disposal. Man can only expect to be entrusted with great power by proving his ability to use it constructively and selflessly. When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mastery of his craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy. He must follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal-Cain, who with the mighty strength of the war god hammered his sword into a ploughshare." [Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree, K.T., The Lost Keys of Freemasonry or The Secret of Hiram Abiff , Forward by Reynold E. Blight, 33rd Degree, K.T., Illustrations by J. Augustus Knapp, 32nd Degree, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, p. 48]

There is also a sexual connotation associated with Vulcan and Tubal Cain. Former Mason, Bill Schnoebelen, explains:

"For Masons who wish to conceal their membership from non-Masons, but still advertise it to their Lodge brothers, there is a special pin (or tie tack) they can wear. It looks like an upside down golf club with two balls near the top....Many people assume the person is a golfing enthusiast, but it is actually a visual Masonic pun.

"This is called the 'Two Ball Cane,' and is a pun on the secret password of a Master Mason, 'Tubalcain (sic).'...It is also an all-too-obvious pun on the 'god' of Masonry, the male reproductive organ. Nice, eh?...especially when many men wear these wretched things to church on Sunday!"

Dee named his system of ceremonial magic after the apocryphal Book of Enoch. Enoch is also the central figure around which a great deal of Masonic legend is centered, as he is said to have constructed the two pillars of Masonic lore to preserve the antediluvian high knowledge of Atlantis inside them.

Tubal, one of his children by the other wife, exceeded all men in strength, and was very expert and famous in martial performances. He procured what tended to the pleasures of the body by that method; and first of all invented the art of making brass.

This image depicts John Dee, Queen Elizabeth's personal astrologer, passing a lantern symbolizing the esoteric tradition to Francis Bacon.

When he was 21, Bacon met the alchemist and original 007, John Dee. On August 11, 1582 there was an entry in Dee's journal that they met at Mortlake the young Bacon came to the famous alchemist to learn about the ancient Hebrew esoteric numerical code known as the Gematria, one of the oldest cipher systems known, dating from 700 BCE. Esoteric themes are threaded through much of Bacons writing and we can only guess at Dees influence.

The original English "Top Secret"...

When Frances Drake sailed up the coast of California he had navigational instruments that were top secret. The French, the Spanish, must be kept away from this stuff and these were navigational instruments created by John Dee that allowed him to locate himself anywhere on the globe. In addition to his studies of the occult, and numerous trips abroad (which many think as a spy), Dee was employed teaching navigation to Naval Captains for 30 years.


Above Mason Memorial in Eilat, Israel

There is only one road leading from Eilat to the Egyptian border at Taba and the last circle before getting to the border you will find this Masonic Memorial in the middle of the road. As usual symbolism means everything in this organization. The two columns represents the two pillars of Solomons Temple.

It's obvious Satan's Clubhouse (Masonry) is having something to do with Israeli society being mostly secular, and not spiritual. One must first understand, that under their canopy of one "Great Architect of the Universe" theology, Masonry has been adept at making "strategic alliances" with Satanists, The Brotherhood, Spiritists, Wicca, Druids, Cabalists, Hindu and Islam. Shriners are Masonry's Islamic wing. It is from this alliance that their "Messiah" will appear. Masons treat all these groups and beliefs as all equal. Christianity which views all the above as pagans is simply one among many to a Mason.

Freemasonry has always planned to gain control of the Temple Mount, so they can rebuild Solomon's Temple. As soon as they rebuild this Temple, their Masonic Christ will appear on the earth, claiming to be the Jewish Messiah for whom Israel has long been awaiting. This "Christ" will be the Biblical Antichrist. Christian writer Texe Marrs writes: On the heap of its ruins, the Masons intend to build a Jewish Masonic temple where they and their satanically energized messiah shall worship and pay homage to the Egyptian double-headed eagle deity, Mammon-Ra, the god of money and prosperity (Daniel 11:37-39).

It is obvious that the Masonic presence is not only very present but getting very bold throughout Israel. The Masonic Grand Lodge meets in Tel-Aviv, but there are Masonic Temples (about 70) in all important cities, from Nahariya in the north to Eilat, Israel's southern port on the Red Sea. See the numerous Masonic lodges in Israel: here

The Quest to Rebuild the Temple

- Two weeks after the 1967 Six-Day War which saw Jerusalem and the Temple Mount brought under Israeli control, there occurred the greatest freemasonic meeting in history in London, celebrating 250 years since the founding of UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England), at which the Duke of Kent was installed as the new Grand Master.

- Shortly after, the QC Lodge dispatched a member, the Jewish physicist Dr. Asher Kaufman, to begin studies on the exact location of where the Temple originally stood.

- The Temple Mount Faithful was also established at this time by Stanley Goldfoot, which is presently led by Gershon Solomon.

- In December of 1995, a month after Rabin was assassinated, the Jerusalem Lodge (91) was established adjacent to the Temple Mount in the underground Grotto of King Solomon. This lodge was founded by Giuliano Di Bernardo, and at the opening ceremony he declared, "The rebuilding of the Temple is at the center of our studies."


Professor Giuliano Di Bernardo- First Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italian freemasonry. For the previous three years he had been Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy (GOI), from which body he had resigned shortly after the Grand Orient of Italy annual meeting at the end of March 1993. Upon quitting the GOI, Di Bernardo accused his old lodge of Satanic rituals saying, "in the lodges of the GOI, obscene rites are practiced, deriving from the Templar tradition, in which the devil Baphomet is invoked, together with the Supreme Being." No doubt by the Supreme Being Di Bernardo is speaking about is Satan.

- Lord Northampton is an avid supporter of Di Bernardo and has charged him with the task of preparing the way for rebuilding the Temple. In June, 1996 Bernardo published his book in Italian: "Rebuilding the Temple", which was to be published in English by the Quatuor Coronati Lodge. In an interview he explains his goal, "A new utopia may be based on the cabala. I see a utopia based on Jewish mysticism, but Jewish mysticism as a place... a material place, Solomon's Temple... This is my intention. This is my will!"

Yet another Satanism, Occult & Masonry connection. Look no further to Lord Northampton's comments on Aleister Crowley - the most famous occultist and The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - one of the most famous occult societies of the 20th Century. Lord Northampton said; "I know the Golden Dawn extremely well, and I love Aleister Crowley's poems and Macgregor Mathers, and all those people and I know all the people in England who are still practicing it, and I have done the rituals. I have done all these things. Great fun. Tremendously exciting!" Crowley wrote an account of his spiritual progress in magic and Satanism under the title "The Temple of Solomon the King."

Of particular interest regarding the British Quatuor Coronati Masonic Lodge and extreme interest in the Jerusalem Temple Mount is the fact that Sir Charles Warren was the first grand master of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge Lodge. He was also the president of the Palestine Exploration Fund, and two decades earlier had been the chief engineer for British excavations of the Temple Mount.

- Lord Northampton, who has been atop the Temple Mount conducting "Temple studies," candidly has admitted in interviews, that he is an adherent of British Israelism, which holds that the British oligarchy has mystical powers, because England was colonized by one of the lost tribes of Israel. "I think the tradition of the Kabbalah is very strong in England, because I think one of the lost tribes came to England. And I think you can spot them, quite clearly, in old English families. I am sure you can. I know they came to Ireland, then to the north of Wales, and then down into England. And then that became some of the oldest families we have."

- Di Bernardo has also spoken of how the director of the ADL of B'nai B'rith, Abe Foxman, is a collaborator in the plan to rebuild the Temple, and that he, Foxman and Lord Northampton met in Switzerland just prior to the launching of the Jeruslalem Lodge, to discuss the project. Di Bernardo says that there are strong connections between B'nai B'rith and freemasonry.

July 15, 1968: The President of the Moslem Court of Appeals turns down a request by an American Masonic Temple Order who asked permission to build a $100 Million "Solomon's" temple on the Temple Mount.

For those that don't know, ex-Confederate General, and some say Klu Klux Klan member, Albert Pike is one of if the most famous freemasons of the scottish rite known to man and authored this book "Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry" which is pretty much the Masonic Bible; even though most Mason's don't even look through this text. For if they did, they'd learn why that 95% of them are being deliberately LIED to. Following teachings about Lucifer the "Light-Bearer" are Mason teachings in this book:

"Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!" [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, p. 321, 19th Degree of Grand Pontiff

Most new candidates to Masonry also have no idea that what they are told initially are lies. At the heart of Masonry is a secret Luciferian doctrine which a Mason only comes to understand as he reaches the higher levels.. New candidates are falsely taught that the beginnings of Freemasonry are lost in the "mists of time". Beware: That is just a clever lie candidates easily accept, to be deceived.

High level Masons believe that Lucifer never fell to earth and that Lucifer is really God, and refer to Yahweh by the name of Adonay. Masons say that it is Yahweh that is the god of evil, because he forces men to be subservient to his repressive dictates. Masonic books given to handpicked members of the 32nd and 33rd Degrees, say that Jesus was an impostor, and that Lucifer is the true God.

Christians beware of Freemasonry. Read why here:


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