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Adios Barack Obama! 4 more years of you & America would be finished (general)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 09.26.2016

Adios Barack Obama! 4 more years of you & America would be finished

Of one thing I am certain, were Barack Obama allowed another term, America would be finished. Let's take just a sneak peek at his legacy beginning was back when he first cow-towed and 'actually bowed' in front of a Saudi 'king' Abdullah in 2009. He prostrated himself once again in front of a Japanese Emperor and to an English Queen.

With just months left in his time in office, it is time to reflect on the enormous hard Barack Obama has done to not only America, but the entire world. Sadly, his ally (in crime/my opinion) Hillary Clinton will more than likely continue his confused and/or intentional misguided assaults on America and the world.

- Iran - giving into Iranian sneaky lies to curtail their nuclear program, just to get sanctions lifted and enormous amounts of 'frozen money' given back to them. Israel, Europe, and even he U.S. will surely see this come back and 'bite' us.

- Working to eliminate and overthrow Muslim governments in Egypt, Libya, Syria and elsewhere - who held fanatical evil Muslim Jihadists in check for countless years. He supported and armed these evil jihadists against all 3 of these governments.

- Obamacare - a total disaster costing countless Americans enormous amounts of money for health insurance

- Making American borders so so much more porous and unsafe, by ordering our border guards to first apprehend and then to release illegal aliens who entered this country illegally. This costing Americans billions more to take care of them, and putting this country in grave danger from more unvetted drug traffickers, unvetted criminals, ISIS & Jihadists - and unvetted perverts & murderers among them. Obama also has allowed 'illegal alien sanctuary cities' to flourish across the U.S.A. - instead of cutting funding to them.

- Releasing tens of thousands of criminals (many career criminals) back onto American streets where they can pick up where they stopped by being incarcerated.

- Obama will not stop until he closes GITMO which would allow hard core brain-washed Muslim terrorists to mix with our general prison population - which will lead to countless more brainwashed Muslim terrorist converts.

- Allowing unvetted Muslim refugees from terrorist countries to enter our country - and paying for their upkeep. This, Obama has done (and continues to do), even after the State Department admitted that many ISIS members bent on America's destruction are among them. In the past month there has been 3 lone wolf attacks by young Muslim men on our citizens. They stabbed, bombed and sprayed bullets via automatic weapons in our malls and streets. This is just the beginning. As more radical Muslims become brain washed by their evil Islamic religion and their imams during Friday mosque services, via Jihad web sites - and their unrestricted travels to terrorist countries - soon, no American will feel safe going to a mall, a theater, or even a restaurant. Thanks for that Obama!

Debt – As of January 2016, Under Barack Obama - the U.S. government’s debt owed to the public has more than doubled. It is now more than $13.6 trillion, an increase of 116 percent since Obama first took office.


Al-Qaida jihadists reportedly among rebels fomenting Middle East revolt


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