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Why you NEED to use paper coffee filters. Dump the reusable filters. (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 08.31.2016

I discarded the permanent filter that came with my Mr. Coffee machine. Those are the reusable metal mesh coffee machine filters that only filter the grounds out - but allow plaque building substances into your 'cup of Joe'. Paper coffee filters filter out those bad substances.

There are health risks drinking unfiltered coffee you should all be aware of. For those of you who do not use paper filters in your coffee makers, their is an important health concern you need to consider. Coffee filters trap the two diterpenes known as cafestol and kahweol. Paper coffee filters decrease the risk of coffee-related cholesterol increases quite a bit. Because, when you drink these two 'diterpenes' they block a cholesterol regulating receptor in your intestines. LDL cholesterol in your blood helps form plaque in your arteries. So enjoy your coffee, but filter it via paper coffee filters.


Benefits of Using Coffee Filters


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  • Why you NEED to use paper coffee filters. Dump the reusable filters. - bibleprobe(R), 08.31.2016 (Health)
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