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National Public Radio (NPR) serves ONLY liberal Democrats. Why? (general)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 07.13.2016

National Public Radio (NPR) ONLY serves liberal Democrat causes. Why?

Tune into any National Public Radio (NPR) station in America, and you will quickly ascertain that it overwhelmingly serves liberal Democrats.

I live in Massachusetts. My local NPR consistently over the years has overwhelmingly invited liberal Democrats who are in favor of abortion, homosexuality, no common sense voter ID's, and no border protection - and ALL other Democrat issues meant to give Democrats voting edges - to give their liberal spiels. Margery Eagen and Jim Braude are the co-anchors of this Boston NPR. Both are TOTALLY anti-Republican. One cannot deny that by listening to them. At least 90% of their guests are bleeding liberal Democrats! Any their daily goal is to swamp the air waves with pro liberal propaganda.

MY QUESTION: Since the House and Senate are majority conservative Republican which means the WILL of the people are majority conservative vice liberal - then why does the majority Republican House & Senate allow such a program as NPR Boston to continue to spew liberal nonsense? Why should tax payers have to help fund/subsidize such daily liberal Democrat radio stations?

Why does the Congress continue to fund/subsidize these liberal Democrat National Public Radio (NPR) stations?


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