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What's Happening in American Politics? (politics)

posted by Bobby K(R), 03.17.2016

I am from the Philippines, and we certainly have some very dirty politics back here, but - what is going on in America? Why are the Republicans themselves trying their darned best to get rid of Trump, even more that the Democrats? In all my years, I have never, ever, seen such a thing - and the foul language they use, wow!

Are these so-called Republicans revealing their true colors and showing the American People that there is no longer a two-party system, but that they are ALL bought and paid for by the same "shadow government"?

Gosh, I love America, and it so saddens me to see such a great nation, once "The Hammer of God" now being torn apart from within!!!!

Is this God's will? Maybe. Yes, I guess. All those 70 Million Babies murdered through abortion must demand (and get) justice. I said before that Obama is God's judgment on America, and unless it repents, things will only get worse.

Keep an eye out on Obama - when he pushes for the division of Jerusalem, then you know, terrible judgment will befall the nation.

Pray for Peace in America and Israel!

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