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Suggest we keelhaul Truman Sailors who gave up to Iran! Unless! (general)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 01.14.2016

Suggest we keelhaul Truman Sailors who gave up to Iran! Unless!


It's true that such punishments as keel hauling, and flogging around the fleet have not been used in the U. S. Navy since the 1800's. BUT, if anyone or many deserve it - I'd suggest it is these disgraceful bunch of U. S. Sailors who put their hands up to who? Iran of all places. UNLESS, they can come up with very convincing reasons of course--such as they did call it in to the carrier and were told to surrender. Then shame on their chain of command! I just can't see any. Do you mean the Iranian 'pirates' had overwhelming force? With a U.S. carrier nearby with enough force to take out not only the pirates, but half of Iran.

These guys (and gals) had 2 boats with 50 caliber machineguns. They could have got on the 'horn' and called in a quick air strike to the carrier. Numerous intimidating A-10 Thunderbolt 'warthogs' could have been called in.

What do they do? Disgraceful! Simply disgraceful! Americans on their knees to loathsome Iranian Islamic Revolutionary terrorist guards? What has happened here?

John Kerry's wimpy 'wash over' (thanking the Iranians for not hurting us) mini speech didn't make this disgraceful episode in U.S. history any better. What would one expect from John Kerry?

Why doesn't America 'turn the table' on these loathsome pirates, by capturing some of their Iranian Revolutionary Guard terrorist boats?

Thomas Jefferson dealt with these Muslim pirates (Barbary Pirates). It is about time we deal with/eliminate them again. /S/ Steve K, USN (Retired)


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