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Study Offers Guilt-Free Pass to Skip the Gym and Enjoy a Glass of Wine Instead (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 12.21.2015

Study Offers Guilt-Free Pass to Skip the Gym and Enjoy a Glass of Wine Instead

More and more scientific evidence is pouring in suggesting that resveratrol found in such things as red wine actually may re-write your DNA to reverse aging. It all started with the 'French Paradox'. How can the French diet on such high fat foods and still have a much lower amount of obesity, heart problems, and other age related problems than most other countries? They drink red wine with a good portion of their meals.

Life long beer drinkers are really filling up with empty fat enhancing, gut expanding calories. It would only take a little effort to make the switch to red wine that you will likely never regret. I drink a glass of red wine every night. I also usually take a small cinnamon pill which helps block the sugar from the wine and from the alcohol. But the cinnamon scientists tested that does this comes ONLY from Ceylon off the coast of India. That is important. U.S. supermarket cinnamon is useless. I buy CinnaPure veggie capsules from Search the Bible, and you will see where Paul the Apostle has good things to say about wine. For even added benefits taks a reservatrol pill with your glass of red wine. Look for 'Trans Reservatrol' which is more bioavailable than just Reservatrol. One tiny pill adds the benefits of reservatrol you would get from 10 or more bottles of red wine. /s/ Steve K

Cheers! This Study Offers One Guilt-Free Pass to Skip the Gym and Enjoy a Glass of Wine Instead
Posted by Casie Terry


If you’ve ever been tempted to skip the gym in the name of a much-needed glass of red wine then this study is after your heart – literally.

A study published in the Journal of Physiology suggests that the resveratrol compounds contained in a single glass of red wine may be as beneficial for long-term heart health as a one-hour sweat session at the gym.

Researchers from the University of Alberta found that resveratrol not only mimicked the positive effects of exercise, it increased general endurance and enhanced exercise performance when study participants did hit the gym.

To conduct the study, researchers randomly assigned male rats to either a control chow diet or a test chow diet that included resveratrol, the health- boosting compound found in red wine, grapes and some nuts. The subjects were then placed on a progressive 12-week treadmill regimen and monitored.

Researchers found that the subjects on the test resveratrol diet experienced improved resting left ventricular ejection (blood flow) by 10% and increased exercise performance by 21%. The test group also demonstrated improved muscle function by increasing the force of isometric muscle contraction.

The study authors noted that “These functional changes were accompanied by increased cardiac fatty acid oxidation and favorable changes in cardiac gene expression and signal transduction pathways that optimized the utilization of fatty acids.”

In addition to its ability to mimic the benefits of exercise, resveratrol has also been studied for its ability to mimic the physiological influences of calorie restriction, a practice that has been linked to array of health perks, including enhanced cellular protection, improved muscle function and increased energy.




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