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Liberal 'safe space' obsession reaches new levels of insanity (general)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 12.07.2015

DOES AMERICA need more liberal Democrats ruining & running the country? Here's an inkling of the 'poison' liberals are spreading on our College campuses. This is just an inkling. Your child is likely to be brained washed at most U.S. Colleges by whacko left liberal democrat professors and school administrators.

NUMBER 1 DISGUSTING LIBERAL BAN on College campuses is the AMERICAN FLAG. You read that right! University of California, Irvine: A draft of the bill said flags, especially the American flag, were "symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism." The student bill also suggested American flags flying in inclusive zones could be seen as a form of hate speech. And these are kids who are trying to get American tax payers to foot the bill for their FREE education?

The shame of it all. Especially since today is the 74th anniversary of the attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, where over 2400 patriotic Americans lost their lives and over 1100 were wounded. Take back America! from the liberal democrats and left wing 'mindless' college professors. /s/ Steve K

The Wussiest Bans in America

Liberal 'safe space' obsession reaches new levels of insanity

by Gabrielle Abdelnour
In a blind rush to defend the offended (which today happens to be just about everyone), colleges are expanding the liberal notions of “safe space” by catering to activists wielding various claims of “privilege” and banning all manner of the mundane on campuses.

The battle for aggressive coddling has hit high gear these past few weeks. University of Missouri students held protests that led to the resignation of their president and another high-level administrator over unspecified claims of racism and “white privilege.”

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The Mizzou controversy was fueled by a student group called “Concerned Student 1950,” which pays tribute to first-year black students admitted to the university. The group started the trending hashtag #blackoncampus to motivate other students around the country to battle what they perceive as “white privilege.”

College Master Erika Christakis of Yale University then became the target of the Left when she sent an email to students suggesting they wear whatever Halloween costumes they wanted, without fear of offending, asking, “Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious … a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive?”

Students responded to her email with engaged protests over the violation of their “safe space.”

Buckling under the fear of outcry, campuses are increasingly shielding students from anything the Left deems offensive, including most of the real world. Here are some of the most absurd things banned so far on college campuses.

NUMBER 1 LIBERAL BAN on College campuses is the AMERICAN FLAG. You heard that right!



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