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Turkey's Role in Supporting Daesh (Islam Danger)

posted by Zedinhim(R), 11.26.2015

Good post Lorenso, it gives plenty food for thought.

First time I’ve heard that ISIS / Islamic State hated the acronym daesh, (so says the media). Many governments and now some media (political puppets) refuse to use this ISIS / Islamic State name because it gives the group legitimacy as a state and a representative of Islam. This is the exact reason that I will continue to use the name IS, ISEL, ISIS, Islamic State, so as to align those barbaric murders with Islam and the Koran (the Koran is the root cause of all this senseless maiming and murdering).

I see the name daesh as a political means to divide ISIS from the so called peace loving {cough cough} moderate Muslims in order to appease them hoping to win votes come election time.
Every time ISIS make headlines, the Muslim world needs to be reminded that they and their warmongering religion Islam is responsible in the hope their eyes may be opened, ultimately turning to Christ-ianity.

Not picking, just saying.


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