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Angela: Do you have a picture of a pipette? (general)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 08.25.2015
(edited by fezik82 on 08.25.2015)

Zedinhim, I test paint for a living.. exciting, I know! Our scale is set to 1/1000 when we measure in grams.. it measures milligrams. It has to be so precise because we use it to analyze the moisture in the sample... we need a very accurate reading before and after baking so that we can measure the difference. If it doesn't lose it's moisture when heated, it will crater when it cures. A crater in paint looks just like a crater in the moon.. not pretty!

I don't know exactly why we use grams? We do have a number of accounts outside of the U.S.. many in Canada. Our tests have to meet their specifications, maybe that's why? We have four different tests for testing viscosity, but when we test the viscosity of most waterborne products, the viscometer that we use measures in centipoise (cps) which I believe is also a metric unit. Most of our filters and our film build tests are measured in microns.. and we do what is called a sag test by measuring in millimeters. I guess that I might be ok with the metric system, come to think of it!

It's the second lab that I have worked in and both of them use metric units.

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