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Refusing to give an inch to the despised metric system (general)

posted by Zedinhim(R), 08.13.2015

Yes I was Fairly Young when we superseded to metric, yet most people that are 30 years older than myself have adopted the transition readily, but I must say that I have come across a couple of older people in my life that are still of the diehard imperialist types that refuse to accept the metric system, those people are very far and few between. I’ve been working on cars for years; I find the fractional spanners and especially sockets annoying particularly the tiny or the larger oddball sizes. Have you ever tried to putting a spilt socket set consisting of metric and W worth, BF, and AF back in their respective order? The metric sockets go back as easy as counting one, two, three, but the fractional ones are time consuming and difficult.
My preset gauge is tip of my thumb to the 1st knuckle is 1” or 25 millimetres or 2.5 centimetres, yes we sometimes still use inches and foot. One foot is roughly 30 centimetres or 300 millimetres. Yards I have found is not as common anymore as 1 yard about 3 inches shy of 1 metre.
BP> What is a gram anyways? Is it the weight of an average paper clip?
Maybe so, let’s say a paper clip weighs 1 gram, if I had 8 paper clips I would know that would equal to 8 grams, quick easy and no calculator app required. Now if 1 gram is 0.0353 of an ounce how much dose 8 paper clips weigh in ounces? Hang on for a tick I’ll just go and do a quick converter check, ahh it equals 0.2822 of an ounce, never would have guessed it.
If the US changes or not that’s up to youse, I’m just saying it’s no big deal for a much more simplistic system, and after a couple years had passed you’ll be wondering why youse didn’t convert sooner. Cost to convert, now that would be a different story.


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