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Refusing to give an inch to the despised metric system (general)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 08.13.2015

Maybe so, but my foot is exactly 12 inches. 12 inches = 1 foot. So I can't think of anything easier than carrying my foot around as a ruler. Being fairly young when Australia switched surely made a big difference in your acceptance. People already have their systems down and it's hard to change. Especially for older people.

I know an inch is the distance from the top of my middle finger to its first knuckle. That's for me. It's not so for some others who have their own preset gauges. To an American, a kilometer and a millimeter are an all together different story. We don't know where to begin with those. If a weather report tells us a storm is moving up the coast at such in such kilometers per hour, I would switch the channel to a weather station that reports in miles per hour. We are so used to miles. Milk and other drinks/fluids have come in quarts, gallon and ounce containers for so long here, the idea of a liter is still foreign to us.

Yesterdays News:
BERLIN (AP) — A teenager has made an unexpected find while swimming in a
lake in the German Alps: a 500-gram (17.6-ounce) bar of gold.

I see that simply as over a pound of gold. 1 pound equals 16 ounces. But just tell me they found a 500 gram bar, would mean nothing to me. 17.6 ounces, however is not much over a pound, which I can relate to.

What is a gram anyways? Is it the weight of an average metal paper clip?


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