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Francis's comments "'Empirical Fact' That Many Clergy Are Gay" (homosexuality)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 08.01.2015

I didn't realize that you responded. For the last time, I do not teach that all teaching comes directly from God... I thought that this is what you were assuming due to your whole conception that there is no remaining apostolic succession. For you to continue to believe that this is my understanding is completely irrational if you have ever read any of my posts regarding the Church and the necessity of hierarchy.

By "pastoral letters", I meant 1st and 2nd Timothy along with Titus... nothing about Wesley and Luther. Maybe you have work and family and do not have the time to read them, that's understandable... but then don't go out and preach something that you do not have the time to attempt to understand. You are misrepresenting the whole of those three books based on what seems to be a brief synopsis that you picked up somewhere.

God is concerned with a particular people... Israel is His bride. You said it yourself, ironically within your refusal to acknowledge that He does have a chosen nation. You said first that, "the new covenant, in contrast to the old, is not concerned with a particular nation, nor is it concerned with any nation as a whole. Rather it is concerned with individuals, regardless of their nation" only to go on and cite Hebrews 8:10-13's fulfillment of the promise made with "the house of Israel". You say that we do not need obedience to a set of laws because God put His laws in the hearts of (*note*) the children of ISRAEL. Make that make sense to me.. 1) we don't need laws because we have laws and 2) God does not have a chosen people, but individuals who just so happen to only come from the house of Israel? This is what you believe, huh?

Re: priests, you're right... we do not need priests to mediate between God and individuals with the exception of Christ, our High Priest. As I have pointed out to you once before, priests are submissive to God and have no strength in themselves... they minister as an act of obedience, not power. They do as they have been commanded, and if only you find the time to read the pastoral letters then you will see. Do you believe that the priests in Revelation are acting as mediators.. or are they acting as ministerial servants? However, there is a fine line between mediator and messenger. For example, 2 Corinthians 5:20.. Paul states that they are ambassadors for Christ, beseeching the congregation on Christ's behalf. "Ambassador".. that's a profound choice of translation! They are sent from another government, a foreign land, to preach in order to reconcile us to God.. yet there is only one Mediator. Perhaps that's why this verse generally cross references Malachi 2:7 suggesting that priests are not mediators, but "messengers". It seems not much has changed from the Old Testament to the New...

Lastly, you wrote:

"The congregation is the pillar AND SUPPORT of God’s Word”. Why did you omit those two words changing the outcome of Gods truth into a lie? Why are you so bent on being counterproductive to God? Do you not fear Him? And you’re trying to get me to agree with you again"

I hid nothing, I paraphrased.. though it supports my understanding all the more once you added "and support". How does this change the "outcome of Gods truth" in your opinion? What is a pillar? The true question here is.. if you are truly a member of the congregation, how do you receive God's Word in order to become the pillar (aka "support")? In just the same way as Luther, Wesley, Calvin and all of those others who could not come to agreement on the whole of the Scriptures if their lives depended on it? You admit that God does not automatically transmit all truth to you... then how do you receive your truth? Through your own understanding? "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding" (Proverbs 3:5). One or the other... which is it?

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