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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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Kenya: Did Muslim Obama mention Terror against Christians in Kenya? (Islam Danger)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 07.26.2015

Kenya: Did Muslim Obama mention Terror against Christians in Kenya? Or, how he will help to fix it? NO! Not on your life! I think Barack Obama's 'Agenda' is to populate America with a '5th column' of evil Jihadi Muslims which will strike/murder innocent Americans well into the future -- that's his legacy! He has already 'crippled' America financially (added more trillions to our deficit than all U.S. Presidents in history combined--even with WW1 & WW2). So, what was left? Doing what he is doing - that is -- Giving the EVIL maniac Muslim terrorists in Iran the nuclear bomb?

My opinion: Barack Obama is a fake Christian! All the liberal Democrats who back his plans are also un-Patriotic and un-Christian in my opinion.

ALL Obama's policies point toward this -- including his letting countless Muslims into America -- who form a 5th Column dedicated to the destruction of the U.S.

Government figures tell us that 91% of ALL Muslims in Michigan are sucking this country dry financially via fantastic U.S. Government entitlements. 91% of these are receiving 'entitlements' that range from food stamps to payments for housing, education, medical, and more.

Muslim Jihadists who murder and kill Americans (Non-Muslims) are true to their Religion (Quiescent/peaceful Muslims are not true to Islam, according to the unHoly Qur'an) - that is according to their evil UnHoly book called the Koran (Qur'an). Read it. Or LEARN MORE about it at: - The 'end game' satanic plan is to use ISLAM to subjugate the entire world into slavery to the pagan god (with a little 'g') Allah - whom lies that God has no Son such as Jesus. ISLAM also goes beyond this and says, "IF you believe God has a Son (like Jesus), YOU WILL go to hell!". Call that the 'Satanic Verses in the unHoly Qur'an. Without Jesus, there is NO HOPE for Redemption. Satan and Islam know this. It's ONLY Americans - especially liberal Americans who are clueless about Islam's 'Grand plans'.

ISIS STATEMENT: “Accept the fact that this caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire world and beheads every last person that rebels against Allah," it proclaims. "This is the bitter truth, swallow it.”

OBAMA's Plan is right along the exact same Satanic Plan - as he gives the devil all it needs (ATOMIC BOMB) to subjugate and murder Israeli's - God's Chosen People. They were Chosen as a BASELINE. Mess with them and you mess with GOD. Is that clear OBAMA? Your sick Plan to Give Iran 24 days to agree to an inspection of a suspected nuclear site is wrong -- and you and your PATSY, John Kerry know it. You are both in my opinion responsible to what happens to not only Israelis -- but innocent Christians -- once you both HAND Iran 'the atomic bomb'! /s/ Steve K


Garissa's Christians told 'worship here and you'll die'

By Nima Elbagir and Antonia Mortensen, CNN

Kenya (CNN)Christians have come under repeated attacks in North Eastern Province in Kenya at the hands of Al-Shabaab militants who have killed hundreds.

It's sunrise over the Tana River. Traffic starts to flow over the bridge and morning rush hour begins. What looks like the beginning of a normal workday here has a much darker undertone. Most of the commuters are day laborers, people going into their offices, but also many Christians who are too scared to sleep inside Garissa town. They have decided to move themselves and their families across to the other side of the river to safety.

We met Esther as she was crossing the bridge on foot on her way to work. She is a mother of three and a Christian. When we ask her why she decided to move her and her family out of town she tells us: "It is because of Al-Shabaab that I moved out of Garissa. You can be shot anytime while you are walking. Even when we're at home they can just come from the bush."

In April this year, hundreds of students at Garissa University in northern Kenya came under attack when Al-Shabaab militants from across the border in Somalia raided dormitories at the college. Separating Christian students from their Muslim classmates, the raiders killed 147 and wounded dozens more. Today, the university stands empty.



LEARN MORE about this Satanic scourge upon the entire earth, known as ISLAM:


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