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EDTA Chelation - to remove artery plaque (Health)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 07.11.2015

EDTA Chelation - to remove artery plaque

EDTA, first synthesized in Germany in 1935, is a simple amino acid,
very similar in composition to common household vinegar.

IT REMOVES artery blocking plaque from your arteries.

Read this interesting sales pitch on EDTA Chelation to remove plaque from your arteries. Seems that doctors may be finally catching on. The link is a sales pitch, but with informative information about EDTA.

Medical schools in the world are pathetic. They don't teach nutrition to their Medical soon to be Doctor (MD) students. They teach their students to treat the symptoms of diseases, but not the underlying causes. For instance, arterial plaque very frequently kill people via heart attacks with little of no warning. A great many of them are young people who die too young!

Hospitals give people bypass surgery, but even after that they don't help the patient remove the plaque from their arteries - that is still there after the bypass. Look at Chelation and life style changes. Look at superfoods such as Spirulina & Chlorella. Chelation is a Greek work that means 'to claw'. It envolves an amino acid no stronger than household Vinegar that goes in and CLAWS arterial plague out of your arteries. You then simply urinate it out.

Also we will all one time or another need to deal with the years of plaque buildup in our arteries. If not, plaque will clog your arteries and surely take you down. Look into 'chelation' using a harmless amino acid known as 'EDTA' (Calcium Disodium EDTA). Try using this in skin creams that are becoming available -not pills. I think, in pill form, probably about 70-90% of the EDTA gets diluted in your stomach & liver, cutting their needed strength. And mega doses of EDTA (probably 700 - 1500 mg range) are needed to get into your arteries to be effective, I think. I do think EDTA is a simple, safe way to help clean plaque out of your arteries. But it also likely strips vitamins & minerals along with the plaque - so 'chelating' needs to be done 'off & on' several days at a time, then stop and take vitamin/mineral supplements.

Some Doctors who understand 'chelation' will give you EDTA intravenously (also bypasses the stomach) at probably $1000 and a 3-4 hour+ long sitting - if your doctor determines you need it. The skin lotion is much, much cheaper. I've even seen EDTA used in baby food. That's how safe it is. But then of course I've seen soy products in baby food - I question how safe soy beans are, except for Nattokinase.

These Chelation/EDTA products are not cheap. But I figure your good health is worth it!

These are the Chelation/EDTA pills I use periodically, several (more than 3, but less than many) days at a time. They're from Hampshire Labs, Inc.:

The Ultimate Artery Cleanse with EDTA & COQ10
You can get them on Amazon, buy 3 & get 3 free: here

I also use this keladine creme with EDTA periodically for several days at a time. I rub some on my underarms, and maybe sometimes on my belly, while watching a movie. The creme gets more EDTA directly into your arteries. 1 tube lasts a long time. It is made by Biscayne Laboratories in Ocala, Florida (Tel: 1-800-914-0007)



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