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Liberal Supreme Court Kow-Tow's to Muslims over Jerusalem (Israel-Jews)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 06.08.2015

Court: U.S. passports must say 'Jerusalem' not 'Israel'

Liberal Supreme Court Kow-Tow's to Muslims over Jerusalem
(In my opinion - when is a Jew not a Jew? Answer: When they are liberal Democrats)

The court's four liberal members — including its only three Jews — sided with the administration from the outset.

"Today's decision is a first," Roberts said. "Never before has this court accepted a president's direct defiance of an act of Congress in the field of foreign affairs."

What else is new? Regardless of U.S. foreign policy, Jerusalem is - and will always be the capital city of Israel. It has been Israel's capital since ancient times - the days of the patriarch Abraham. Jerusalem is where David, Solomon and Herod built their temples. The 7th century terrorist (my educated opinion) Muhammad of Islam NEVER even set foot in Jerusalem--he simply had some off the wall hallucination/dream about being there. I am sure the Lord Jesus/Yeshua would agree that Jerusalem is the capital and center of the Jewish world - and Israel IS the Jewish homeland 'deeded' to them by God Himself. /s/ Steve K

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court declined Monday to insert itself into the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by second-guessing U.S. policy on Jerusalem.

Ruling just a few months after a feud between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the justices refused to allow Americans born in Jerusalem to have their passports changed to reflect Israel as their birthplace, as Congress demanded more than a decade ago.

In denying the challenge waged by the Jewish parents of a 12-year-old almost since his birth in 2002, a majority of justices heeded the State Department's warning that a simple passport alteration could "provoke uproar throughout the Arab and Muslim world."

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito dissented. They sided with Congress, which passed a law in 2002 allowing Americans born in Jerusalem to have Israel listed as their place of birth on their passports.

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LEARN MORE about this scourge upon the entire earth known as Islam, here:


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