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Sorry to say, World Net Daily is helping this sleazy auto trading robot scheme (scams)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 05.13.2015

I'll bet that these 'auto currency trading robot' ads are illegal. They are a 'front-door' scheme to get Americans to deposit money in 'sleazy' overseas FOREX currency trading/binary option site accounts. These sleazy unregulated overseas sites are NOT allowed to advertise in the U.S. - so they use these 'trading robots' to get Americans to open accounts. The robot advertising videos are a scam. They make preposterous PROMISES to make you filthy rich. The opposite is what will happen to you.

I hate to admit it, but my favorite online News site, World Net Daily (WND) is actively advertising for these sleazy unregulated overseas currency trading sites - who are NOT allowed to advertise in the U.S. So World Net Daily, perhaps unknowingly are advertising their 'front door scheme'. This scheme involves numerous very professionally done videos which 'promise & guarantee' that their 'super duper auto trading robot' will make you filthy rich. If you read my 5 month study above, the opposite is actually the case. You will lose your money, and you will risk having it outright stolen at times by these sleazy unregulated overseas trading sites.

Even if you trade at a legal, regulated FOREX currency trading site in the U.S. - the odds are stacked against you - and you will likely lose your deposit. These are not the same 'robots' that some banks use to make money in currency trading (usually only on 'trend trades'). These 'robots' are designed for the unregulated overseas trading sites to make gobs of your money via your losses. Cha-ching is the sound they hear when someone is stupid enough to believe these 'robots' will make them rich - and deposits funds in their accounts.

The 'auto robot front door' scheme is only the beginning - it gets them your deposit via opening a new account. Next, you will more than likely get a phone call from an unregulated FOREX broker, trying their best to get you to up your minimum USD $250 deposit to $1000. Some of these sleazy 'auto trading robot' schemes will want you to place a minimum USD $250 into 4 or more different overseas unregulated online trading sites. They'll explain, the robot works better taking from many different trading sites. Don't believe it. As you can read in my 5 month study, I hadn't used the auto trading robot since the first day when it lost 60-70 of all trades it placed. So I 'switched' it off. Nevertheless, a month later it switched itself on and went into my account while I was asleep and made so many 'bonehead' losing trades, that it just about wiped out my optionFX account.

Watch out for the 'robots' that place trades to close 2-3 months from now. They do that to make sure you will 'stick around'. That gives the unregulated brokers at these sleazy trading sites ample time to keep calling you -- to up your deposit, or to believe them -- that they will make you very wealthy -- if only you put another USD $1000 in your account. THE BOTTOM Line with these unregulated sites that these 'Guaranteed win (lying) robots' lead you to is that they keep whatever you lose. Where do you think their 'heart of hearts' is?

World Net Daily has been advertising these robots for months.

Below is the email I sent to numerous members of World Net Daily today, complaining how they are helping to drag Christians & Americans to financial ruin by advertising these 'trading robots'.

All people in these professionally produced 'auto trading robot' videos are paid to lie. They are paid actors.


May 13, 2015

WND should be ashamed of itself for promoting these sleazy 'auto trading' robots whose only design is to get people in the U.S. to put money in sleazy unregulated overseas currency trading sites who re NOT allowed to advertise in the U.S. They GUARANTEE people will WIN money. The opposite is true.

My study below would make a GOOD news article for WND.

You are NOT doing your Christian Readers any favors by promoting these Auto Trading FOREX robots that are lying through the teeth - saying they guarantee people will make thousands of dollars.

In fact, the only reason why these robot scams are advertising through you is because they work for scheming Overseas FOREX Currency Trading companies -- who are legally NOT allowed to advertise their 'trading/brokerage' services in the U.S. WND is helping these unregulated overseas currency trading robots rip off Americans. These 'auto robot' schemes like 'GuaranteedWealth' are
NUMEROUS. Their only design is to get people to deposit money in these unregulated, sleazy overseas currency trading sites.

These scheming 'robot trading' scams like you are promoting are lying through their teeth. In fact 95% of all currency traders lose lots of money. That is with legitimate U.S. based companies like

I just completed a 5 month study on these auto trading 'robots' that direct people to deposit money in sleazy overseas currency trading sites. The report includes these unregulated overseas sites themselves. READ IT at the link below at my Christian website.

One such site WND promoted through via a 'auto robot' like this lying 'GuaranteedWealth' tried to steal a $999 deposit of mine. Bank of America got it back via a charge back. Other sites these lying 'auto trading robot' promotions push people to - outright steal deposits or take a month to return them -- only after charge back threats.

It was WND that actually made me start doing that study - after I received a promotion such as this one you just sent me.

READ: 'Sleaziest of Sleaziest: Overseas online FOREX Currency trading companies'

Stephen K


From: WND []
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 2:13 PM
To: Stephen K
Subject: Get $500 in the next 2.5 HOURS

Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.

Dear Stephen :

Thank you for your continued support of

WND occasionally sends emails like this one to introduce major advertisers to our loyal readers and valued customers.

Please take a few moments to consider their message.

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