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Government to homeschoolers: Where are your guns? (general)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 05.07.2015

Government to homeschoolers: Where are your guns?
This government caseworker just bought herself and her bosses $60 million worth of trouble.

She bullied her way into this homeschooling family's house, and then her terrorizing jackboot tactics backfired.

Home Schoolers are mostly GOD fearing people who do NOT want to send their children to U.S. Public Schools where they WILL definitely be exposed to DRUGS, Sex,VIOLENCE, and BRAIN-WASHING by the LIBERAL Democrat Anti-GOD Public School System. Typically, Home Schooled children do MUCH better learning then they would in a U.S. Public School! /s/ Steve K

Caseworker demands: 'Follow public school' curriculum
by Leo Hohmann

It all started with an unwanted knock on the door by a government worker and it’s being answered with a $60 million lawsuit.

A New Jersey family is suing the state child-protection agency after it allegedly sent a caseworker to their home to interrogate them on everything from their son’s homeschool education to questions about vaccines and guns in the house.

Christopher Zimmer and his wife Nicole of Belvidere filed a civil rights complaint in April in U.S. District Court in Trenton alleging “unlawful and unconstitutional home intrusion.”

“I won’t forget that morning for a long, long time,” said Christopher Zimmer, thinking back to Tuesday, Jan. 13, which began with a caseworker knocking on his front door.

He said Michelle Marchese, a caseworker for the state Division of Child Protection and Permanency, demanded she be let inside the house, “Now!” according to court documents. Startled by the aggressive confrontation, Christopher Zimmer asked the purpose of her visit.

Marchese refused to answer the question, saying only that 15-year-old Christopher Zimmer Jr. was not getting a “proper education” and she was at the Zimmer home under the authority of DCP&P to make sure they were homeschooling their son “correctly,” the suit states.

Not knowing the extent of his rights, Christopher Zimmer phoned local police. The police arrived on the scene but allowed Marchese to enter the home and continue to issue threats to the family and inspect the house, all without a warrant, the lawsuit states.

The Zimmers let the woman inside, attempting to prove they had nothing to hide, but after two hours of what the family described as intense interrogation, it became clear this issue would not be quickly resolved.

“My fear was, if I didn’t let her in the house, if I had closed the door and didn’t let her in the house then the police would be knocking at the door and think I’m hiding something,” Christopher Zimmer Sr. told the Warren Reporter.

The questions started out simple, about home life and happiness, but Zimmer said the questions quickly turned pointed and intrusive.

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