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Guide to U.S. religious-rebellion hotspots against Homosexuality (homosexuality)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 04.09.2015

Guide to US religious-rebellion hotspots against Homosexuality

Fights erupt in Indiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and now loom in Texas

Homosexual Cake - YUK! I'd rather have the natural/real thing without all the 'fool' coloring...

Americans with religious convictions about sexual lifestyle choices, specifically the biblical condemnation of homosexuality, are under assault both at the ballot box and in the jury box but now are fighting back against those who believe their behavior must be acknowledged and approved by all – or else it’s discrimination.

Battles have erupted recently in Indiana, where “gays” demanded the Religious Freedom Restoration Act be watered down for their benefit, and in Arkansas, where they insisted a pending law be changed before it could be adopted.

They won, for now, in those two locations. But in Springfield, Missouri, just this week voters repealed a “protections” ordinance for homosexuals, prompting, again, the claims of discrimination.

And there appears to no common ground for a truce, as “gays” and others with alternative sexual preferences demand to be protected from anyone’s “discrimination,” even though to the faithful that “discrimination” is simply a choice to follow the biblical teachings that some human behaviors are wrong. In the Bible, it’s called “sin.”

The problem is that those choices play out in the public arena, in schools, malls, businesses, parks, office buildings and more. And they conflict.

The bottom line, as WND has found in its Big List of Christian Coercion, is that these days in many locations, courts and others are enforcing the demands that the faithful violate their own deeply religious beliefs to relieve homosexuals and others of the feeling that they don’t have the approval of Christians for their lifestyle.

FINISH READING this at: World Net Daily


LEARN MORE about this scourge upon the entire earth (like Islam), known as Homosexuality here:


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