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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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Horse in America (charlie's world)

posted by charliebuttons(R), 03.26.2015
(edited by charliebuttons on 03.26.2015)

Said i t before and will say it again Every Mosque in America is a Trojan Horse.

MerryChanukahMerryPurimMerrySimachaPatrickDayMerryPassover Good Shabbas Pasha Tzva HaGadol Purim is in Chanukah 2015 is a Chanukah Year Purim Patrick PassoverPSX The Lubvitche Rebbe gave his Chasidim a gift in 1974 Pasha Tevas. Likutei Sichos v15p382 It is written that Rosh Chodesh Tevet is in Chanukah The Month of Tevet is filled with the light of Chanukah. There are 29 days in Tevet and 6 in Kislev which is 35 days of Chanukah. It is the Menorah of the BaishaMigdash lit for 8 nights that gave us Chanukah. It will be the Menorah of Chanukah lit for 35 days that will give us the BaishaMigdash BMH, The Holy Temple with the coming of the Messiah speedily in our days. Chanukah is in Thanksgiving in the 13th year and Lamed-Hey Chanukah, the 35th day of Chanukah is January 1st, the head of the year. If the head of the year is Chanukah the whole year is Chanukah. When Chanukah is in December and the 35th day of Chanukah is in January there is a connection of on year to the next; we can continue to count the days of Chanukah and the years of Chanukah which will be for many years. The Rebbe did not give the book or rules or instructions. What is to be done with such a precious gift islamwatcharticles bibleprobe Jihadwatch faithfreedom nobeliefs wikiislam askmoses originsjewishchristianislam americanthinker frontpagemag LGBTQ NJOP FIT7&27 Rubin7&17 atheistsforums June17TalmudCelebration LamedHeyChanukah(35) 20PointPlan Adam had a party on the 4th day. What did he call that day של״ג חנוכה Shluchimconvention5775shluchimtothemoon 3;28,8Nissan102/486DCftc
Reb Simcha Patrick Day
Rabbi Simcha Patrick went with the Roman legions to the wars in Scotland retired to his Estate in Ireland where he did great and noble things. Rabbi Simcha Patrick was made a saint. If you are Jewish They make you a god or a saint. One Jew they made a god the rest they make saints. Merry Reb Simcha Patrick Day, March 17. June 17 Talmud Celebration Day. The Pope should apologize to the Talmud for burning it in Paris 770 plus years ago and issue a formal proclamation requesting forgiveness and recognizing the Talmud for the greet work that it has done. 8 nights, 35 days, the Chanukah Year, a special gift the Rebbe gave his Chasidim, no rules or instructions were given. They know not what to do with this gift LamedHeyChanukah(35) islamwatcharticles bibleprobe Jihadwatch faithfreedom nobeliefs wikiislam askmoses americanthinker frontpagemag LGBTQ Rubin7&17 FIT7&27 NJOP atheistsforums June17TalmudCelebration LamedHeyChanukah(35) Adam had a party on the 4th day. What did he call that day של״ג חנוכה Shluchimconvention5775shluchimtothemoon 3;17,26Adar91/475DCftc
PalmSunday Rebbes113th Birthday3.31 11Nissan105/489DCftc


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