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Presbyterians give middle finger to God's Word! Homo Marriage. (homosexuality)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 03.17.2015

Presbyterians AGAIN give middle finger to God's Word concerning homosexuality!

Presbyterians once AGAIN poke God in the Eye--Approve Homo Marriage

As we know, God tells us in the Bible, that homosexuality IS an ABOMINATION to God! Yet Presbyterians, Anglicans - AND some other renegade denominations have chosen to POKE God in the eye - one of the most sensitive parts of the body by GOING AGAINST the Word of God!

Can Presbyterians & Anglicans read?

There is NO DEBATE. Presbyterians & Anglicans have sided with evil by 'flicking there fingers' at God! Presbyterians & Anglicans ALSO ordain woman priestesses - something that the Christian Church has forbidden for over 2000 years. See Holy Scripture in Timothy which forbids woman Priestesses. MY Opinion - first comes liberal woman priestesses -- then comes liberal - poke your finger in God's eye - acceptance of what God says is an ABOMINATION -- homosexuality. /s/ Steve K

Presbyterians give final approval to same-sex marriage

NEW YORK (AP) — The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has approved a new definition of marriage that includes gay marriage.

The denomination is now the largest Protestant group to recognize same-sex marriage as Christian and allow same-sex weddings churchwide.

FINISH READING this at: USAtoday


Wording of constitution now '2 people,' not 'man and a woman'
READ this at: World Net Daily


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  • Presbyterians give middle finger to God's Word! Homo Marriage. - bibleprobe(R), 03.17.2015 (homosexuality)
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