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Are you sure Pelagius denied Infant Baptism? (miracles)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 01.12.2015

You've inspired me to get a book on the writings and life of Pelagius! I'm not finished, but so far I can see that you're right... that Pelagius himself never explicitly denied infant baptism. It looks like he took a bad rap for some of Celestius' writings... that St. Jerome and St. Augustine more or less assumed that they shared this doctrine. In fact, Pelagius submitted his Liber de Fide to Pope Innocent in 417 confirming that he accepts the need for baptism of infants and in another place said of infant baptism, "who can be so impious as to deny to an infant of any age the common redemption of the human race?"

Celestius also wrote his Liber de Fide to Pope Innocent around this time with the opposing view and it kind of looks like this fueled the fire against Pelagius for those who didn't know better since they were contemporaries. But again, St. Augustine most often wrote against the Pelagians... so maybe they adopted Celestius' doctrines? I'm so glad that you encouraged me to look more into this, I am getting such a better picture of what St. Augustine and St. Jerome have written about! Thanks... and... you were right =)

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