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Dump Boehner movement? Just getting started (general)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 01.06.2015

Dump Boehner movement? Just getting started
Exclusive: Joseph Farah amps up 'historic rebellion' to oust House speaker

by Joseph Farah

In the end, John Boehner even needed help from Democrats to beat off a challenge by House Republicans to his speakership.

Had it not been for some 27 members, mostly Democrats, not showing up for a floor vote, he might have been denied re-election.

That’s fitting, since Boehner has been a facilitator of Democrat policies since he first got the job in 2011.

When House Republicans alone under his leadership had opportunity after opportunity to deny Barack Obama the borrowed money he needed to implement his radical agenda, Boehner ensured, year after year, that Obama got what he needed.

He put down calls for freezing the debt limit.

He ruthlessly used the power of the speakership to punish those who didn’t march in lockstep with his agenda.

He even forbade incoming freshmen congressmen the privilege of meeting privately with tea-party dissenters.

When more Republicans were elected in the 2014 midterm as the only option to try to stop Obamacare funding and Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty gambit, Boehner thanked voters by providing funding for the programs that drove them to the polls.

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