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Recommended Movie: 'Zaytoun' (video-photo)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 01.02.2015

Recommended Movie: 'Zaytoun'

Don't for 1 minute believe that I in any way side with the evil Islam Palestinian 'usurpers' of the land that God has deeded to the Jews. Because I do not. Israel belongs to the Jews! So-called 'Palestinians' are basically nomads - who could easily be resettled (in nice homes via rich Arab/Islamic funding) in nearby rich Arab/Islamic countries (especially Jordan) -- but are being used by Arab/Islamic countries to harass, kill, murder - God's Chosen People -- the Jews... Sort of like a 'deadly' (to both Israelis & Palestinians) Trojan Horse...

However, here comes along a movie that will knock your socks off and bring tears to your eyes. I've seen this kid who plays this young Palestinian boy act in movies before. BUT, this one should have earned him an Academy Award. This movie also should have been considered for an Award, because all the actors were great, and the story is excellent.

This movie reaches into the Israeli/Palestinian problem on many levels. If the evil Islamic PLO & Hamas terrorists would stop indoctrinating their children into hatred of Israel and calling for Israel's destruction -- then and only then is there a chance that Israelis and so-called 'Palestinians' can live side-by-side in mutual peace. Realistically, that won't happen until the Prince of Peace (the Son of God, Jesus), Isa, the Jewish Messiah (Mashiach ben David) returns for the Second Coming. But this movie gives us a glance at how nice it would be if Palestinians and Israelis could live beside each other in Peace. Except for the Palestinian evil Islamic religion which promises to kill or tax all non-Muslims in its unHoly book the Qur'an (Koran) - and their fanatic hatred of Israel because of Islam -- Israelis and Palestinians really aren't that far apart. I highly recommend this movie. /s/ Steve @





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