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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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Watch out Taliban & ISIS. Art of sniping is about to get a whole lot deadlier. (Islam Danger)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 12.19.2014


Watch out Taliban & ISIS and the rest of you 'mentally imbalanced Muslim Jihadists'. The Art of sniping is about to get a whole lot deadlier. IF I were you, I'd 'head for the hills', and keep on running until you can either cower in a cave or go find a REAL job.

Best you just go home. Sorry suicide bombers, Taliban & loathsome unemployable ISIS low life murdering rejects. There will be no sexual favors (virgins) for you --where you are going. Where you are going after leaving this world - you'll be separated for eternity from Heaven and from the true God of love & light. A place where you will have no hope at ever feeling the magnificent/beatific vision & presence of God. You'll be in a place filled with cold blooded murderers just like yourself. That will be the only comfort you have for all eternity.

For example, the famous passage about the virgins is based on the word hur, which is an adjective in the feminine plural meaning simply "white." Islamic tradition insists the term hur stands for "houri," which means virgin, but Mr. Luxenberg who teaches at the Saarland University in Germany insists that this is a forced misreading of the text. In both ancient Aramaic and in at least one respected dictionary of early Arabic, hur means "white raisin."

Reward the Qur'an promises - WHITE RAISENS: - Likely meant to sustain you on your trip to HELL...


WND Exclusive
Army finds silver bullet in fight against Taliban
Snipers could soon get new weapon making difficult 'kill' shots routine
by Leo Hohmann

U.S. Army snipers could soon have access to a new .50-caliber bullet that would make them the most precise shooters on the planet.

The Defense Department is funding development of the EXACTO bullet, which can change directions mid-air. The bullet is fitted with a sensor which works in tune with a laser. The sniper aims the laser at his target, lighting it up. If the target moves or weather patterns change, the laser follows the target, and the bullet follows the guiding light.

The Defense Department’s research arm has recently released a video showing the bullet in action (see video below).

EXACTO stands for “extreme accuracy tasked ordnance.” The system, developed by Teledyne Scientific & Imaging with funding from the DOD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA, greatly expands a shooter’s range.

FINISH READING this at: World Net Daily


LEARN MORE about this scourge upon the ENTIRE EARTH known as Islam:


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  • Watch out Taliban & ISIS. Art of sniping is about to get a whole lot deadlier. - bibleprobe(R), 12.19.2014 (Islam Danger)
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