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Are you sure Pelagius denied Infant Baptism? (miracles)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 12.19.2014

Why must you confuse me? =) I'm trying to recall how many times I've seen Pelagius addressed specifically, you very well may be right! As far as I was led to believe, there are no extant letters of Pelagius and since I believed that was true, I never actually read his writings. What I know of the Pelagians I know only from the writings of St. Jerome and St. Augustine, and according to their interpretation, Pelagius himself was a devout monk who confronted the hierarchy with his unique (at that time) view of God's grace... it seemed that Pelagius believed that man is born good and that he does not need God's graces to reach perfection. It seemed that St. Augustine at first only assumed that the next point Pelagius would hope to deny would be infant baptism due to his belief that original sin is a fallacy.. but then in St. Augustine's later writings, he made such a staunch effort to preserve the doctrines of infant baptism that it seemed that the Pelagians who he was writing to must have been writing back and opposing him. I guess that he more often rebuked the Pelagians rather than Pelagius himself... it's possible that it was only disputed by the Pelagian sect and not Pelagius himself? I didn't consider that before you questioned me.

It seems rational to me that the discussions led from original sin to infant baptism since the first thing that tends to be denied in order to rebuke the idea of infant baptism today is almost always original sin.. then of course comes the denial of the need for a sign of the Covenant. I know that the ones today who hope to prove that infant baptism was a forth century invention use St. Augustine's writings to do so because that was when it was really defined, but the fact (as you know) is that infant baptism dates back to the first disciples and until St. Augustine, it seems that it had never been disputed. What would be the reason to defend infant baptism before it had ever even been disputed? But St. Augustine is often credited for the Church's doctrines regarding infant baptism and original sin because he had written so much about it, and this writing was in response to the Pelagians. But of course you could be right, I don't know. What I am reading right now is volume 6 of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers (2nd series) "Jerome; Letters and Select Works" and the portion that I am at now are the writings from the years after Pelagius died, St. Jerome is writing to St. Augustine and commending him for keeping his faith amid the Pelagian heresy, St. Augustine is writing to Pelagius' followers... maybe they're the ones who took flight with the denial of infant baptism? Again, I don't know...

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