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Did God create each of us individually? (miracles)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 12.19.2014

I'm still hoping to find more out about Christ's role in sustaining creation on a daily basis.. how much involvement God has with His creation. Just when I was about to give up, I read a letter of St. Augustine where he says of this same question:

"If I could be sure that such knowledge is not for us, I should cease not only to dogmatize, but even to inquire. As it is, though the subject is so deep and dark that my fear of becoming a rash teacher is almost greater than my eagerness to learn the truth, I still wish to know it if I can do so. It may be that the knowledge for which the psalmist prays: "Lord, make me to know mine end," is much more necessary; yet I would that my beginning also might be revealed to me."

St. Augustine was asked the same question by Optatus and brought the question before St. Jerome, I just haven't found his reply yet. But when Optatus opposed St. Augustine's belief that souls may be just as the body of flesh, both propagated through the parents and divinely engendered, St. Augustine made a point that I never considered, though Optatus apparently denied generation through parents (which I do not!). But it was the most clear backing for your belief, Steve. He said, "Can a soul derive original sin from a source from which it is not itself derived? For unless we are to fall into the detestable heresy of Pelagius [denying infant baptism/original sin], we must both of us allow that all souls do derive original sin from Adam." Though, again... St. Augustine was stern in maintaining that the soul and the body are both the handiwork of God. I honestly don't know how to handle this just yet, it raised more questions for me... but it gave clear support for your view and I wanted you to see it!

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