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Protct my country! (charlie's world)

posted by charliebuttons(R), 11.13.2014

This day the 13 day of November, the 20 Cheshvan. The 351st Day of Chanukah for those who count, 2014 is a Chanukah Year. Chanukah was in Thanksgiving for those who have memory. The 35th Day of Chanukah was January 1st. If the head of the year is Chanukah the whole year is Chanukah and 2014 is a Chanukah year Fagi got ugly, Ami told some lies and they believed that it was true and she was praised for what she doesn’t do; she has aids do it for her and others. David followed instruction and moved the bags. It is a safe hose, drugs are given that is why she is there. Mendyz replace Betzalu who strokes and manages her time and wheels. June17TalmudCelebrationChanukahYear2014
Islamic State caliph undead, calls for “volcanoes of jihad” islamwatch bibleprobe islamwatcharticles jihadwatch nobelief faithfreedom wikiislam
Robert Spencer Nov 13, 2014 at 12:35pm caliphate, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria 2 Comments Reports of al-Baghdadi’s death were apparently greatly exaggerated. “ISIS chief said to call for ‘volcanoes of jihad,’ after reports he was hurt in US strike,” Reuters, November 13, 2014: Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called for attacks in Saudi Arabia, said his Caliphate was expanding across the Arab world and called for “volcanoes of jihad” across the globe in a speech purported to be in his name on Thursday. Baghdadi also said that a US-led military campaign against his group in Syria and Iraq was failing. Reuters could not independently confirm the authenticity of the speech, which was carried on jihadist websites. The recording came after contradictory reports emerging in the past week over the fate of Baghdadi after US-led air strikes against Islamic State group in at least two locations in Iraq on Friday night. Robert Spencer in Truth Revolt: Persecuted Christians: Sacrificed On The Altar of “Dialogue” In Truth Revolt today I discuss the persecution of Christians and an important new book by Michael Coren: Last week, Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow, wrote a letter to Himari Hussain, the President of Pakistan, asking that he pardon Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who has been condemned to death on charges of blasphemy against Islam. The bitter irony is that the chimera of Muslim-Christian dialogue is what has kept all too many Christian leaders in the West from speaking out against the ever-growing horror of Muslim persecution of Christians worldwide. In his brief but thorough new book, Hatred: Islam’s War on Christianity,


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