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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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Did God create each of us individually? (miracles)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 11.07.2014


You certainly don't ask easy questions. I am about to 'Flub' my reply, because there are so many unknowns to the creation of a single individual. Were you and I a miracle? Or a deliberate act of creation? I think it is the later. But, then again - everything the Creator God does can be considered a miracle to us - so your choice to file this question under the 'miracle' category was a correct one.

To answer your main question: Yes, God would still then be our Creator?. He created ALL aspects of the creation process - even though some appear to be in automatic mode such as procreation - but they are not. The final phase of sparking us into life and breathing our souls into us is something science will never be able to explain. Only Scripture can. We were all made by God. Only Jesus was begotten and not made. There is one God as Moses told us, but only Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and the same with this ONE God.

One God, yet 3 distinct manifestations/natures of that same One God is an impossible concept for any human to understand. And nobody can possibly understand it - because it is a spiritual thing which humans don't really know much at all about. Jesus told us God is Spirit.

Like I've said before humans trying to understand the true nature of a spiritual being like God is somewhat like a dog truly trying to understand the nature of a human being. The dog will never be able to do this. But the dog has the free will/conscience to either love or hate what it sees in a human being. Just as God gave us that same free will.

Did God think about us individually and create us individually? I think so. Scripture points in that direction. BUT the 'miracle' of each of us is shrouded in layers upon layers of science & mathematics - which only the awesome Creator can understand.

There is one thing we can be certain of though. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit loves us ALL, and wishes that we find our way back to Him. For nobody comes to the Father, except through Jesus.

I certainly cannot answer this question with any certainty from a scientific standpoint. But I think the answer lies more in the religious realm where God sparked OR spoke us into existence, having known exactly who He dreamed up.

However, I think you may have already answered your own question via your scriptural references regarding how we were sparked into life and given individual souls by a divine act of God.

I think he created us individually at the time he 'sparked' our individual existence. Here we have distinct different bodies and different DNA. I think its sort of way, way too complicated. DNA is looking more and more like a humongous complex computer program that works on many levels. Something only the creator could make. Then again, that's what the Creator does - He creates from nothing. The 'DNA Program' may account for our physical bodies, but I think God 'sparked' actual life into us, and breathed our souls into us.

But what about the 'race to be born' which we all won? It looks like a 'crap shoot/dice roll' to get conceived - when we all participated with an awful lot of other sperm cells in the 'race' to fertilize the egg. Did we just happen to have an incredibly lucky day when we won that race to fertilize the egg? Or, did we run millions of other such races before that and lost? Was it the individual sperm cells that God created and knew individually? But as I said before, I think at one point in conception, God breathed His spirit into us and gave us our individual souls. Artificial insemination only bypasses the race to be born by eliminating the other multiple contenders. But it doesn't account for the spark of/into life - or our individual souls.

Thinking about all the complexities of what goes into the making of a single individual is enough to make one go mad. It is all too enormous. Something ONLY the Creator God is capable of.


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