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There goes FRANCIS again! Now saying Big BANG is true. (homosexuality)

posted by bibleprobe(R) Homepage, Mass., 10.28.2014

Pope says evolution, Big Bang are real.

Is this pope Francis guy off his rocker? Has he aligned himself with the weirdo whacko scientists we are getting so tired of reading about who claim things like this fossil is between 1 to 5 billion years old. Think of how ludicrous that sounds. Yet so-called scientists say such things every day. 1-5 billion years is such an unbelievably HUGE spread that they are telling us that they themselves have no credibility, they are guessing, and that even their guesses are way outside the realm of any data normalcy. even 1-3 million years tells us that scientists are out to lunch and just guessing.

BIG BANG is true? Who says so? The same scientists who say the earth was created between 1-5 billion years ago? Get real.

There is no credible evidence for any BIG BANG whatsoever. Logic however does say that their HAS TO BE a FIRST CAUSE. Nothing was ever created from nothing. So GOD does exists and God is the FIRST CAUSE... Wake up pope Francis - please. Don't tell me you still fall for the Darwin hoaxes, including the Piltdown Man who faked these same scientists for 40 years.

To Pope Francis' defense. He does say that the world was created by a work of love. That means that the Lord Jesus, the LOGOS had a big part in this. But to connect any BIG BANG is grasping at straws and playing into to atheist anti-Creationist play book. Sometimes its best when a Pope just keeps quiet. This Pope is walking on sand regarding creationism, homosexuality and abortion. That is not a good place to be for someone who is supposed to be a shepherd.

/S/ Steve @

Pope says evolution, Big Bang are real
Josephine McKenna, Religion News Service

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has waded into the controversial debate over the origins of human life, saying the big bang theory did not contradict the role of a divine creator, but even required it.

The pope was addressing the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which gathered Monday at the Vatican to discuss "Evolving Concepts of Nature."

"When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so," Francis said.

"He created human beings and let them develop according to the internal laws that he gave to each one so they would reach their fulfillment."

Francis said the beginning of the world was not "a work of chaos" but created from a principle of love. He said sometimes competing beliefs in creation and evolution could co-exist.



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