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Works vs Faith (general)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 10.14.2014

The verse that PureWord gave is explicit in saying that faith is nothing unless it expresses itself through action... that's why I insist that he believes in works. He doesn't believe in faith alone, he just doesn't recognize that we have free will. I believe in free will and predestination, God chose our paths because He knew the choices that we would make... but there's no room for us to make choices in the faith alone doctrine. These are the points that are bothering me most:

1. If we do not 'choose' God's way, then He is forcing us. This is why Luther denied 'reason' when he created this doctrine, because he believed that we had no choice in the matter. He called reason "dung"... though it is derivative of Wisdom, which God said that He has given to us.

2. If God is forcing us, then a) He is only guiding us some of the time and not when we sin (contrary to His promises to always be with us) or b) He is guiding us to sin.

3. If God is not giving us a choice to obey or disobey Him, then He created some of us just to see us fail and burn in hell. I feel that is insanely heretical.

4. The whole point of their argument seems to be to avoid boasting, but I think that their way contains the boasting because they are forced to 'reason' that they don't sin (though they don't recognize this) b/c it must be God working through them... unless of course they have the free will to tell Him "no, I will not obey you" and that is the cause of their sins. But PureWord seems to deny free will.

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