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Reply: My thoughts on the Reformation (video-photo)

posted by fezik82(R), Ohio, 10.13.2014

I most often agree with you! While I have a different opinion of whether the Vatican sold indulgences, I think that I'll meet you in the middle with the Inquisition. The start of the Inquisition (in my belief) was justified... the heretics got inside the Church to weaken the Church's authority. If it were a case of some dissimilar Christians in the beginning, then I think that the Church should have followed the lead of St. Peter in Acts 15. He allowed this new apostle, Paul, to present his case before him and explain why the Jews had a hard time converting... and he allowed Paul to give them a Jewish command (to abstain from animal blood) so that their consciences would free them to follow Christ. I can't deny that the Church ignored this example from time to time... the Inquisition and Galileo comes to mind. But, these weren't Christian heretics in the beginning of the Inquisition, they were Jews and Muslims masquerading as Catholics to lead not only Masses, but any potential believers, away from Christ. That is a reason to retaliate, the heretics were taking souls! BUT! That is not cause to take bodies.

Since we live so distanced from Medieval times, it's hard to relate and really see the damage that was being done. More recently, Adolf Hitler did something very similar to what the Jews and Moors did in Spain. He arranged a group of disgruntled priests and monks, some who hadn't yet been officially removed from the Church, to work with him and lead so many to believe that this was what the Catholic Church was about! Who on earth would want to come to this "Christ" that the Catholics preached then? It was very misleading for outsiders and I'm still approached with this 70 years later! These priests masquerading as though they were still in support of the Church made it *look* as though Hitler had the Church's backing... it was brilliant! The difference between Hitler's priests and the Jews and Muslims of the Inquisition is that all it took was a few pictures of the priests shaking Hitler's and Himmler's hands with a great big smile on their faces to make people cringe at the thought of becoming Catholic... the Jews and Muslims went farther and not only preached to lead Christians away from the Church, but the Muslims were killing Catholics... while they were claiming to be not only Catholic, but within the hierarchy of the Church! Now Obama is doing the same with Biden and Pelosi... flaunting these 'Catholics' as though they are in any way representative of the Church. An example needs to be made of them, I hate to admit, but I am ashamed that the Church continues to subject Christ's body in the Eucharist to these modern day heretics.

So, you're right... we agree, but it's impossible to come up with a gameplan for what *would* have been the right thing to do.

The pope is only considered to speak infallibly when defining dogma. Most of our teachings are doctrines, though. As soon as I come across dogma that I can't reconcile with the Bible, I promise you that I will also question whether the pope can ever speak infallibly... but I haven't come across it so far.

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